Trailer Rental

Flat Trailer FT21 For Hire

  • Flat Trailers (FT21)
  • 8.2 x 40 feet
  • Model   TRI/A HIBOY
  • Make     ALAGHADI
  • Year       2010
Flat Trailer FT21 rental in dubai

Flat Trailers FT33 For Hire

  • Model:   T/A HIBOY
  • Make:     AL SHAHINA
  • Year:       2011
  • 45 TON
Flat Trailers FT33 rental in dubai

Tipper Trailer For Hire

  • Make: Mercedez/ Scania
  • Capacity: 45 Cub. M, 75 Tons
Tipper Trailer Rental in Dubai

Low-bed Trailers LB30 For Hire

  • Model   TFD SEN -TES
  • Make:    N/A
  • Year       2008
  • 4-AXLE
Low bed Trailers LB30 rental in dubai

Do you need cargo transportation services in the United Arab Emirates? Our company will rent trucks of various carrying capacities at an affordable price and in a short time. Here you can order an open-sided flatbed for rent in order to transport oversized or long loads.

We have considerable experience in transporting machinery, equipment, machine tools, building materials and other similar things, therefore, we guarantee fast and responsible provision of services. Our regular drivers and porters are highly qualified and perform work efficiently, monitoring the safety of cargo during transportation.

Truck rental cost

Many entrepreneurs are concerned that renting a truck in Dubai is expensive, and this is not always a reasonable budget waste. Transportation Company understands this problem, and therefore we offer low cost for all types of services so that cargo transportation does not lead to the formation of a hole in the budget. For example, the cost of renting an onboard truck in the UAE will depend on the trucks’s carrying capacity, rental time and distance.

We always provide the best solution for a specific task, therefore we recommend contacting the manager and describing the type and size of the cargo, its weight and transportation distance. Based on these data, the specialist will select the suitable vehicle that best suits your needs. Entrust a trucking to professionals, and we will justify your trust to the full!

For Tariffs and other details, you can contact us anytime.

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Tipper Trucks TT1029 Rental in dubai

Tipper Truck