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Wheel Loader WA500 For Hire


  • Make: Komatsu
  • Year: 2009
  • Model: WA500-3A
  • Operating Weight: 23360 kg
  • Bucket width” 3170 mm
  • Standard bucket capacity: SAE4.3-5.6 m3
  • Horsepower, Gross: SAE (kW) 266
  • Horsepower, Net: ISO (kW) 263
  • Horsepower, Net: SAE (kW) 191
  • Fan drive method :Hydraulic
  • Displacement (liter): 11.04
  • Number of cylinders: 6
Wheel Loader WA500 For Hire in Dubai

JCB Wheel Loader with Forks for Hire


  • Make: JCB
  • Roll out bucket (5 m3 – 4 m3)
  • Skeleton bucket
  • Loader bucket from 2.5 m3 – 4 m3
  • Loader Forks
  • Loader bucket for loading, shipping containers
Wheel Loader with Forks for Hire

JCB Boom Loader Rental in Dubai


  • Model: 4CX
  • Brand: JCB
  • Load Height-std: 3400mm
  • Dig depth-std: 4450mm
  • Transport length: 7370mm
  • Transport height: 3430mm
  • Ground Clearance: 340mm
  • Engine model: JCB 444
  • Gross Power: 74.6kw
  • Net Power: 72.8kw
  • Fuel Capacity: 161L
JCB Boom Loader Rental in Dubai

Why should you need to rent a JCB 4CX boom loader?

The JCB 4CX backhoe loader has a length of 5.91 meters and a 4-cylinder 4-stroke Stage III engine.

Its range of work is much wider than that of other models produced by this company. This feature allows you to use only one JCB 4CX backhoe to perform the tasks and reduce overall costs.

This type of special technique is used in many areas. The versatile loader JCB 4CX is valued by professionals for its high performance and amazing reliability.

Renting a JCB 4CX backhoe loader is often needed for building and repairing roads. This special technique easily performs a wide range of work on the development, excavation, laying, tamping of soils, as well as their transportation.

With it, you can load and unload various materials and objects.

Use of the JCB 4CX loader for municipal activity, for example, digging of trenches under laying of engineering networks, repair activity is possible.

Such special equipment is irreplaceable in construction for the device of ditches, planning and clearing of the territory.

JCB backhoe loader is widely used in road repair services, for the installation of elements of bridges and roads.

Using it, you can easily dismantle the building, remove the layer of asphalt or concrete, plant greenery, and drill a well.

How much does a JCB 4CX loader rent in Dubai?

The final cost depends on the period of time for which you take this loader. If you are interested in an excavator loader JCB 4CX and the rental price of this special equipment, call us 055-141-2400! We will answer all your questions and agree on the dates and time of use of such vehicles.

Also in our company you can rent attachments that will help you in the implementation of various works: trench and leveling buckets, a variety of hydraulic hammers, hydroborers, and forks etc.

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