Excavator Rental

Mini Excavator For Hire


  • 301.7D Excavator
  • Engine Model Yanmar 3TNV76
  • Net Power 17.7 HP
  • Displacement 40.0 in³
  • Gross Power – ISO 14396 24.3 HP
  • Rated Net Power – 2,200 rpm – ISO 9249 17.7 HP
  • Operating Weight 3810.0 lb
  • Operating Weight – With Cab 3792.0 lb
Mini Excavator rental in dubai

320 CAT Excavator for Rent


  • Engine Model Cat C4.4 ACERT
  • Net Flywheel Power 162.0 HP
  • Gross Power – ISO 14396/SAE J1995 164.0 HP
  • Net Power – SAE J1349/ISO 9249 162.0 HP
  • Engine RPM – Operation 1650.0 r/min
  • Engine RPM – Travel 1800.0 r/min
  • Bore 4.0 in
  • Stroke 5.0 in
  • Displacement 269.0 in³
  • Operating Weight 49600.0 lb
  • Operating Weight – North America 49600.0 lb
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 86.6 gal (US)
  • Cooling System 6.6 gal (US)
  • Engine Oil 4.0 gal (US)
320 CAT Excavator for Rent in Dubai

325 CAT Excavator For Rent


  • Number of Cylinders 6
  • Engine Make 2236
  • Engine Model 3116TA
  • Gross Power 177hp
  • Net Power 168hp
  • Power Measured @ 2000rpm
  • Displacement 403cu in
  • Aspiration Turbocharged and Aftercooled
  • Bore 2in
  • Stroke 5in
  • Net Power – ISO 9249 168hp
  • Net Power – SAE J1349 168hp
  • Engine Model Cat 3116TA
  • Net Power – EEC 80/1269 168hp
  • Net Flywheel Power 168hp
  • Operating Weight 60600lb
  • Fuel Capacity 111gal
325 CAT Excavator for Rent in Dubai

330 CAT Excavator Rental in Dubai


  • Engine Power – ISO 9249 0 HP
  • Engine Model Cat® C7.1
  • Engine Power – ISO 14396 0 HP
  • Bore 0 in
  • Stroke 0 in
  • Displacement 0 in³
  • Main System – Maximum Flow 560 l/min (148 gal/min)
  • Maximum Pressure – Equipment 0 psi
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 2 gal (US)
  • Cooling System 6 gal (US)
  • Engine Oil 6 gal (US)
  • Boom 15 m
  • Stick 2CB2
  • Bucket 1660 mm
CAT 330d Excavator Rental in Dubai

345 CAT Excavator Rental in Dubai


  • Engine Model 3
  • Net Flywheel Power 0 kW
  • Gross Power – ISO 14396 0 kW
  • Net Power – ISO 9249/SAE J1349 0 kW
  • Engine RPM – Operation 0 r/min
  • Engine RPM – Travel 0 r/min
  • Bore 0 mm
  • Stroke 0 mm
  • Displacement 3 l
  • Main System – Maximum Flow – Implement 0 l/min
  • Maximum Pressure – Equipment – Implement 0 kPa
  • Maximum Pressure – Travel 0 kPa
  • Maximum Pressure – Swing 0 kPa
  • Operating Weight 0 kg
  • Operating Weight Reach boom, R2.9TB (9’6″”) stick, HD 2.41 m3 (3.15 yd3) bucket, 600 mm (24″”) double grouser shoes, 9 mt (19,842 lb) counterweight.
345 Cat Excavator for rent in Dubai

360 CAT Excavator Rental in Dubai


  • Engine Cylinders 6
  • Number of Cylinders 6
  • Engine Make 2236
  • Engine Model C15 ACERT
  • Net Power 411hp
  • Power Measured @ 1800rpm
  • Displacement 928cu in
  • Aspiration Turbocharged
  • Bore 4in
  • Stroke 8in
  • Net Power – ISO 9249 404hp
  • Net Power – SAE J1349 404hp
  • Engine Model Cat C15 ACERT
  • Net Power – EEC 80/1269 404hp
  • Net Flywheel Power 404hp
  • Operating Weight 154037lb
  • Fuel Capacity 211gal
360 Cat Excavator rental in Dubai

Wheel Excavator Rental in Dubai


  • Cat M320D2
  • Net Power: 124 kW
  • Operating Weight: 22,500 kg
  • Bucket Capacity: 1.0 cu.m
  • Max. Reach / Depth: 9.770/6.300 mm

Jackhammer Excavator Rental in Dubai


  • Weight: 1960kg
  • Length: 2400mm
  • Required Oil Flow:120-180 L/min
  • Working Pressure:160-180 kg/cm2
  • Impact Rate: 350-500 b.p.m
  • Chisel Diameter:φ140 mm
  • Suitable excavator:18-26ton
Jackhammer Excavator rental in Dubai

Volvo Excavators for rent


  • Operating weight 100,310 – 117,510 lbs
  • Gross power 373 hp
  • …at engine speed 1,800 rpm
  • Bucket capacity 03 – 4.32 yd³
  • Lifting capacity, along undercarriage 38,040 lbs
  • …at reach / height 20 / 5 ft
  • digging reach 39′ 10″ ft in
  • digging depth 25′ 8″ ft in
  • Breakout force, SAE J1179 (Normal) 51,616 lbf
  • Breakout force, SAE J1179 (Boost) 56,472 lbf
  • Tear out force, SAE J1179 (Normal) 44,085 lbf
  • Tear out force, SAE J1179 (Boost) 48,311 lbf
  • Overall width feet inches 11′ 11″ ft in
  • Tail swing radius 12′ 6″ ft in
Volvo Excavator for rent in Dubai

The advantages of renting an excavator in our company:

  • We provide our rental services without various intermediaries, that is, with a personal fleet;
  • Absolutely all special equipment is in excellent working condition and regularly undergoes checkup to minimize delays during excavation work;
  • If any problems arise, our specialists will promptly repair the damage on site or send a replacement;
  • We guarantee timely delivery of the excavator throughout the territory of the emirates;
  • We provide an excavator rental service at prices well below the market average in the UAE.

A huge number of construction companies in the UAE, before starting their professional activities, are faced with the problems of providing the construction site with specially heavy and auxiliary equipment. Buying expensive large equipment is often an unavailable pleasure for most companies and is not a viable option, since a huge amount of financial resources will be spent on storing, and maintaining such not cheap equipment. In addition, the possible damage that is real when using equipment by inexperienced staff can reduce to zero all planned profits from the construction of the object.

That is why rental services for excavators and auxiliary equipment have become so popular in the emirates. Our company in the shortest possible time allows solving with the lack of necessary equipment on the construction site in Dubai; moreover, we have at our disposal various excavators with completely different bucket volumes.

Indeed, an excavator is one of the most widespread types of heavy equipment that has ever been used in construction. Equipped with a hydraulic lift with a bucket, which can be removed to pour the soil, dig a trench, etc., if taken in general, the excavator is essential during any construction work.

Excavators are also widely used in construction, land works, industry and other related fields. Classic excavators have a crawler track with a swivel base and a digging bucket. This type of special equipment is expensive, so if you needed to use an excavator to perform a small amount of work, then you can use the services of renting an excavator in Dubai and the Gulf region in our company.

Our company has a huge fleet of construction machinery and provides rental services for an excavator in Dubai, UAE. We rent excavators from the renowned manufacturer Caterpillar, which are renowned for their high level of stability and excellent technical characteristics. In the assortment of our fleet there are models with a bucket capacity of 1 meter cube. and 1.8 meters cube.

Such excavators are widely spread in the fields of construction and mining of fossil materials. Often they are used to capture bulk materials and load them into vehicles for transportation. Also, excavators are used for digging pits and building foundations. The depth of digging data excavators up to 7 meters. Standard buckets, if necessary, can be replaced to perform a specific type of work.

Caterpillar excavators have a powerful undercarriage and move well in different areas, and a stable case ensures the safety of working with such equipment. These excavators have a convenient and multifunctional hydraulic control system. On the case is the backlight for more convenient work in dark conditions.

You can order the rent of an excavator in Dubai and the Gulf region in our company for a period of a day or more. If necessary, we will independently bring the ordered equipment to your site. We also offer long-term rental of construction machinery with discounts. In addition to excavators in our company, you can also rent bulldozers, wheel loaders, cranes, aerial platforms and other types of special equipment in the United Arab Emirates.

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