Caterpillar D8R Bulldozer for Rent

Dozer can be use for the most Laborious jobs such as leveling ground, digging or clearing the ground.

  • Model   D8R
  • Make     CATERPILLAR
  • Year       2014


CAT D8R: Specs, Overview, Description

The Caterpillar D8R is a bulldozer in the 37-ton class, with an engine capacity of up to 252 kW. The blade of the model is one of the most capacious among the analogs.

The Caterpillar D8R is a dozer with a modernized cooling system and an efficient power plant. Grade Control technologies allow the operator to perform more operations per unit of time. In the basic configuration, the model has a relatively small blade, but this does not prevent to carry out significant amounts of work.

The release of the Cat D8P is engaged in a well-known American manufacturer, whose products are characterized by reliability and high quality. Caterpillar equipment has a stable demand in Europe and America, and the Cat D8R model is considered to be one of the most successful in the line of the brand.

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The scope of the bulldozer thanks to a large range of attachments is extensive. The machine can be operated in difficult conditions to perform the following functions:

  • movement of goods of various types (1-3 category, rocks, bulk materials);
  • earthworks (layer-by-layer cutting of soil layers, leveling of large-area construction zones, quarrying, and others).

Caterpillar D8R uses the greatest demand from organizations working in the field of construction and mining. The profitability of technology increases when performing significant amounts of work, because its popularity is more among medium and large companies.

Modifications and features

Kat D8R, like most models of the brand, is available in several versions. Caterpillar D8R STD – the basic and most common version. In addition to it, there are 3 more basic modifications that differ in the characteristics of the working environment:

  • swamp variation (LGP), designed for use on wet and soft soils;
  • modification for waste management;
  • version for use in a desert climate.

American developers in creating the model took into account the standards of standards relating to safety and environmental friendliness. The equipment has received an ISO certificate for a protective design that protects the operator when overturning.

The Caterpillar D8R cab meets industry standards for this class and protects against falling objects in the second category. Harmful emissions from the engine does not go beyond the limits approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Other features of the bulldozer include:

  • productive and economical engine of its own production;
  • modular construction principle of the main nodes;
  • easy access to service and diagnostic sites;
  • ease of management and maximum comfort;
  • the latest Cat Connect technology;
  • wide dealer network covering more than 50 countries.


  • length – 7650 mm;
  • width – 3940 mm;
  • height – 3510 mm;
  • ground clearance – 606 mm;
  • front track – 2080 mm;
  • rear track – 2080 mm;
  • track width – 560 mm.

The standard weight of Caterpillar D8R is 38351 kg in standard version, the pressure on the ground is 86.4 kPa. The length of the track contact section with the surface is 3207 mm.

The bulldozer is able to move in the following speed mode:

  • forward direction – 3.4-10.6 km / h;
  • rear direction – 4.5-14.2 km / h.

The technique is used with various equipment. Capacity of the most popular dumps:

  • 8A – 4.7 cubic meters;
  • 8U – 11.7 cubic meters;
  • 8SU – 10.3 cubic meters;
  • 8SU (version 8SU) – 9.9 cubic meters.

Volumes of filling tanks:

  • cooling system – 62 l;
  • power train – 155 l;
  • final drives (each) – 12.5 l.

Device and features of operation

At the heart of the Caterpillar D8R design is a reinforced frame that absorbs twisting forces and serious loads. At the expense of cast elements provides additional strength caliper balance beam and the main crankcase. The swinging axis of the vehicle runs along the entire length, because shock loads are distributed evenly over the crankcase, and the negative impact is reduced.

The tubular frame with eight support rollers is perfect for maneuvering and working on rough terrain. The hinged attachment of the balance weight ensures that the track is in constant contact with the surface and allows the trolleys to swing exclusively in the vertical direction.

A special feature of the Cat D8R undercarriage is the high position of the leading sprockets. Such a decision leads to the realization of 2 goals:

  • increase the life of the chassis components;
  • improved balancing technology.

The rigid fixation of the fingers in the truck belt, which is Caterpillar’s ​​own development, allows the structure to withstand enormous power loads. The frame side members with a box section preserve the geometry of the nodes, and the additional reinforcement of the elements with steel castings provides the strength required for this technique.

The operator of the bulldozer is provided with a differential braking and turning control mechanism, by means of which continuous force is applied to both tracks. The following method is used for reversal: the speed of movement of one-caterpillar increases, while the second caterpillar slows down. This allows you to change the direction of movement almost in place and better withstand the load.

For the Caterpillar D8R, a new transmission is used, supplemented by electronic shifting for easier and smoother control. The element is based on a planetary gearbox with the ability to switch under load. A feature of the transmission is a torque divider, transmitting 70% of power through a torque converter, 30% through a planetary transmission. Due to this, the efficiency of the bulldozer is increased.

The model also has elevated side gearboxes that minimize impact loads and provide insulation from the effects of the ground. Accurate coupling modulation makes shifting speeds smoother.

The bulldozer uses a hydraulic system with power regulation taking into account the load for maximum efficiency of equipment operation. The main element is a piston pump with a capacity of up to 300 l / min. The pressure in the system is 24.13 kPa.

With the bulldozer used dumps box-shaped design, made of special steel of high strength. The tempered cutting edges and the strengthened design provide long service life. The most common equipment for the Cat D8R is a hemispherical blade. Also used spherical and rotary blades. Parallelogram rippers of single and multi-post type with a large depth of penetration can be installed on the back of the bulldozer. Winch and rear counterweight are used with the machine.

Cab Caterpillar D8R is installed on insulating supports, which significantly reduces the level of vibration and noise in the cabin (no more than 85 dB). A comfortable chair comfort class reduces driver fatigue and allows you to work without reducing the performance of a few shifts. Built-in protection (ROPS) ensures safety, and large windows provide visibility for the operator. In the cabin, there are air conditioning and heating system that supports the desired temperature.

Improved monitor complements the control bodies, providing all the information on the parameters of the machine.

In the process of developing controls, preference was given to a single handle with push-button speeds. It is possible to work with it, changing the direction of movement and choosing the necessary gear, with one hand. To improve security, the creators have added a mechanism to lock the working equipment.

The modular principle allows the dismantling of the site without affecting other elements. Rapid diagnosis is performed using a laptop computer. These solutions facilitate the maintenance of the bulldozer and reduce operating costs.


The Cat D8R is equipped with a Caterpillar 3406C powerplant with electric fuel injection through injectors, turbocharging and a charge air cooler. The engine crankshaft is made of heat-treated carbon steel, and the cylinder block is made of gray cast iron with high tensile strength. Also reduced the number of mechanical connections, which makes the unit more durable.

The service life of the components of the unit is increased due to the use of water-cooling of cylinder liners and oil-cooled pistons. This solution provides efficient heat removal. The Caterpillar 3406C uses an AMOCS cooling system with enhanced airflow. Due to this, the bulldozer can work for a long time at the limit of its possibilities.

The unit complies with EU Stage II and Tier 2 USA standards.

Characteristics of the Caterpillar 3406C motor:

  • working volume – 14.6 l;
  • rated power – 245 (328) kW (hp);
  • nominal speed – 2100 rpm;
  • number of cylinders – 6;
  • cylinder diameter – 137 mm.

The fuel tank of the dozer holds 625 liters of fuel.

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