Top 10 advantages of renting construction machinery in the UAE

To choose correctly between the purchase and rental of machinery, there are a series of questions that we must clear; in this way, we can define the most viable options in the short to medium and long term.

In this article, we explain the factors to consider before making an investment of this type. In addition, we will know what are the financial commitments that must be assumed later.

In the U.A.E., we have a large park of varied machinery that will meet your most specific needs. We have the most high-end machines and in perfect condition of brands such as CAT, JCB, Liebherr, John Deere, Bobcat … etc. You can browse our website for available machinery, and if you have any question, you can contact us through our contact form or by Phone +971 55-141-2400.

To help you clarify these doubts, we will now list the 10 advantages of renting an elevator or machine, taking into account that each case is unique and everything will depend on the objective you pursue as a company or individual.

#10. Update and Competition

If you are opting for a machinery rental in the emirates, you will have the advantage of keeping yourself constantly updated, by having the opportunity to obtain the latest equipment, which will place you at the corporate level ahead of the competition.

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Tractors, trucks, freight elevators, more modern, fast and sophisticated elevators will undoubtedly speed up processes if your business area is, for example, construction.

#09. Cost Transfer

As powerful and durable as a newly purchased elevator machine looks, its constant use results in inevitable wear. When renting, this obsolescence cost is transferred to the owner.

Thus, instead of having to buy new equipment in a couple of years or make large investments in costly repairs, you can return the machinery once the contract expires and choose to acquire a new one; all with a fraction of what a packaged product would cost you.

#08. Budget Control

With the rental of machinery, you will have fixed monthly (or annual) expenses, depending on the modality of the contract. Even if the rates are high, its division into installments will allow you to control your budget, considering that these fees are fixed.

This is ideal for emerging companies and for entrepreneurs who do not have huge amounts of money. Also, keep in mind that machinery only represents one of the many expenses that your project implies.

#07. Variety and Quality

The buying and selling process is unique and simple: you make an investment you buy machinery; while the rental allows greater agility, diversity by making a wide range of equipment with new and new features more accessible.

If a machine stopped you from being useful after the expiration of the contract, you can easily choose to acquire another one more adapted to your needs.

#06. Training

The companies that lease these gadgets need to take care of their investment, so they guarantee the best treatment for their products through training services and the provision of instructor personnel that will help train your employees to make the best use of the equipment ensuring a greater equipment shelf life of them.

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Remember that having your trained and motivated staff is vital for every company. Best of all, you should not overpay since sometimes this is included in the rental agreement.

#05. Frequency of Expenses

Imagine that in each specific job that requires a macro work you would have to buy a new elevator. What happens if you do not need it later? In addition, if you now require another machine to continue the work, but you ran out of budget?

Of course, you can resell, but it can be a cumbersome process and it is difficult for you to recover the entire investment. It is there when the rental of machinery represents a huge advantage. You can lease, use, return and request another device from the company on a monthly basis without having to maintain a warehouse.

#04. Places to Store

The machines are huge and heavy, so storage usually becomes a problem, if you do not have enough space or a warehouse in optimal conditions. Exposing them to the sun, cold, water or extreme weather changes end up deteriorating and even damaging our machinery, which is negatively reflected in the costs. When you rent, you take that load off.

#03. Wide and Competitive

In the UAE and the rest of the developed countries, the machinery rental market has gained a great boom in the last decade continuing its growth. It will not be difficult for you to find a company that offers you the plan that best suits your needs and your budget.

#02. Service and Integration

We have already seen that machinery rental companies not only supply the devices but can also provide training to our staff to handle them correctly. Even the area has diversified so much in search of growth that some companies offer expert advice that can be integrated in the best way in your team.

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#01. Fiscal Benefits

The rental of machinery is considered financially as an expense. This brings with it certain tax advantages, such as the deduction of the amount of corporate taxes. In simpler words: you save money.

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