What are the types of a front loader, its main functions and uses?

The front loader is a tractor, which has a spoon at its front end, used specifically in the construction of buildings, mining, roads, highways, tunnels, hydraulic dams to load trucks with materials (stone, sand, earth, and other). These heavy machines are designed with undercarriage and with tires, the latter being the most common; They are also used to transport materials at short distances. When they are provided with wheels, their frame is articulated, and is fixed, when it is designed with running gear. The charger with tires has four-wheel drive and is known with the Payloader brand.

Common characteristics of front loaders:

All equipment or machines that serve to perform excavation processes, are built to cope with the harsh conditions to which they are subjected during their operation. In general, all are equipped with traction systems on all wheels or movement systems to maneuver in the rough terrain where they perform their tasks. While some of them have tires similar to automobiles, although with much wider treads, others have caterpillars similar to those of the tanks, and in other machines the rubber tires are covered with metal meshes to protect the rubber against damage, that would otherwise produce the sharp stones that are dug.

The following are the main functions of front loaders:

• Handling and loading of materials.

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• Excavation of ponds and ditches.

• Transport materials at short distances.

• Land dissemination and compaction.

These are the different types of front loaders:

1. Minicargadoras, Occupy very small spaces and this allows them to be very versatile when operating. The bucket or “bucket” load is approximately half a cubic meter. Within these we have:

Small, are those that have a bucket of load of a cubic meter.
Medium, are those that have a bucket greater than a cubic meter and up to three cubic meters.
Large, are those that the bucket has a load capacity of between three and five cubic meters.

2. Specials, are those that are manufactured especially at the request of companies that work very large mineral deposits and have buckets of more than five meters and can reach up to ten.

3. With tires, they are fast moving and very operable in all terrain, with rocks and snow metal mesh chains are installed to protect the covers.

4. With movement of chains or caterpillar, they are used to work in very rocky and steep terrain.

5. With electric motors, inside of mines and in closed places that impede the ventilation since they do not emit combustion gases as it happens with the motors of explosion.

6. With engines to explosion, are the largest number of machines that exist in the market, there are few (CV) horse and many steam, is also called the HP engine power.

7. With pneumatic motors, they are used in mining deposits, those that have hydraulic systems in quantity to be able to be used in the interiors of the deposits, since they do not release carbon monoxide, because their engines operate with air.

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8. Articulated, this allows the machine to fold in half and the space of recoil and turn are smaller.

These are the main uses of front loaders:

  • In the construction of roads.
  • In earth movements.
  • In the exploitation of mining deposits.
  • In the loading of minerals.
  • In the treatment of waste materials, call dumps.
  • In the reconstruction of coasts of streams and rivers.
  • In the cleaning of channels, streams and rivers.
  • In the clearing of snow.
  • In the cleaning of a city extracting waste.
  • In the construction of a civil work.
  • In the demolition.

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