What are the land transport vehicle types in Dubai?

Road vehicle equipped with an engine that constitutes its sole means of propulsion, designed, exclusively or mainly, for the transport of goods or for towing vehicles used for the transport of goods.

Types of Transport Vehicles:

Rigid vehicle or truck:

Vehicle for the transport of goods by road provided with its own means of mechanical propulsion. The truck is the vehicle par excellence in the transport of land cargo. Not in vain is the means of transport that best uses its capacity. You can find trucks of many types.

The most common is the so-called platform truck. It is the one that will allow you to transport loads that do not have specifications that distinguish them. Among them you can choose very different sizes and load volumes. Within the platform trucks you will find those that only contain and protect the cargo and those that also condition it.

If you need your load to be at a certain temperature you should opt for the latter. An isothermal conditioning platform truck will maintain a constant temperature. One that is a refrigerator or freezer will cool or freeze your load.

The tanker will be the only viable option in the case where you transport liquids or gases. These are trucks equipped for loading, transporting and unloading this type of fluid.


Road vehicle suitable for the transport of goods, designed to be hooked to a road vehicle.

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Tractor head:

Vehicle equipped with its own mechanical propulsion means that can drag a semi-trailer.


Trailer without front axle, coupled to the vehicle that drags it in such a way that part of said trailer, as well as part of its weight and its load, rest on the tractor.

The trucks and the tractor trucks are the vehicles object of sample selection. Trailers and semi-trailers are declared by the informant when they are used by the selected vehicle.

A transport operation can be done by one of the following four options:

  • Rigid vehicle or truck
  • Trailer
  • Tractor unit without semi-trailer
  • Tractor unit with semi-trailer

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