How to recognize the type of excavator that is best for you?

What is an excavator? How are excavators classified? What kind of excavators are there?

Excavators are those machines that move earth because they were designed to dig and usually work thanks to hydraulic systems.

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Its way of working is fixed, since it moves earth, rocks, rubble or other materials without moving completely because it is only the superstructure that moves. The displacement that it carries out is carried out to reach the specific area and while it is moving it cannot dig.

Types of excavators

Said machinery can be classified according to its parts:

Excavators can reach different places by means of the system they use to move, whether on wheels or chains.

Wheeled excavators

This class of machines requires stabilizing supports so that there is no displacement while excavation is being carried out.

Excavators on chains

The excavators that can be moved by means of chains have greater adherence and exert little pressure on the working terrain, that is, greater buoyancy is obtained.

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Also the excavators are cataloged thanks to the type of pick they use:

Front push excavator

Its teeth are oriented to the outside and the bucket moves away and rising to a higher plane.


The bucket teeth are facing the machine. The start occurs close to the machine.

Telescopic arm equipment

At the tip of the arm is held the bucket that can perform all the movements of the hand of man.


It has a prehensile spoon composed of two jaws that are articulated together driven by cylinders that can be closed to dig.

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