The Caterpillar machines, its applications and uses

For large or smaller jobs, from mining to construction, you can find a CAT crawler tractor in the emirates for any application. They offer several configurations and specializations to fulfill the required work.

Because of its power, the tract is one of the first teams that work on the site, opening a path and preparing the income for the rest of the teams.

Cat track-type tractors are designed to take advantage of speed, transport capacity, ease of maneuverability, versatility and the precision of finishing leveling. Depending on their size or capacity they are suitable for residential construction, heavy construction, agriculture, quarries, material hauling and other applications.

Caterpillar Motor Graders

The Cat motor grader is a device that has a long metal blade used to level the ground. Its main function is to flatten land and refine slopes with different types of slopes. Thanks to the new ACCUGRADE automation systems, the Cat motor grader can perform a finer finish, in fewer passes, which translates into savings in operation and maintenance of the equipment, as well as in the investment of inputs such as asphalt and concrete.

Caterpillar Excavators

The Cat hydraulic excavator is used for the excavation of rocks and earth. Thanks to its accessories it can be used to cut steel, break concrete, make holes, destroy rocks, among others. They offer great powers for heavy work. CAT hydraulic excavators offer excellent performance and great lifting power and versatility.

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Caterpillar Backhoes

The Cat Backhoe is usually used in smaller works, for earth moving, for ramps, for working with pipes and also for preparing the sites where the foundations of buildings are based. For its wide ladle also serve for the loading of materials.

Each model has been designed to provide high levels of productivity at a low cost of operation and maintenance. The Cat backhoe ensures a very comfortable working space for your operator, keeping the necessary levels of security to be a versatile team capable of carrying out your work quickly. We have a high range of accessories adaptable to this equipment designed for every need.

Caterpillar Skid Steer Loaders

The Cat skid steer loaders are the most versatile equipment because they can be fitted with quick coupling tools that allow this same equipment to perform in different applications.

Ideal for construction, landscaping and other applications, Cat skid steer loaders are designed and built so that despite their size, they can deliver exceptional performance, versatility, ease of operation and service, and customer support.

All models provide ease of operation through joysticks and advanced hydraulic systems for greater power and simple maintenance routines.


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