What is the lifespan of an Equipment Tire in the UAE?

Many customers, before purchasing their tires, usually ask us how long the tires we sell will be. Now, although there is no sure way to calculate the duration of a tire for the different types of operation that each machine can have, our sales team can recommend the user based on the work done with the machinery, the right tire with the threads, layers, floors and sometimes even brand of your preference to suit the budget.

However, it is worth considering some factors:

What the dealer contributes to the life of a tire?

Generally, tires have a maximum duration of 10 years. A tire that remains stored in the right conditions around for up to 5 years is retained in the same way as a new tire, so it is worth finding a dealer to keep the tires in the right way.

What can you do to improve the duration of the tire?

On the side of the operation, the duration of the tire will depend on the working air pressure, the temperature of the operation since higher temperature plus degradation. Also the correct tread of the tread (the alignment), the proper application of preservation compounds, the states of the tracks and the kinds of pavement where the machinery passes and the care of the user for the rubbers.

Other points to consider are the mileage traveled by the machinery, the strength of the layers of the tires, as well as the traction of the machine. Until the weather conditions influence, a tire that operates mostly in summer or in hot places will be likely to yield up to half that one related to winter and cold climates.

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When choosing tires for machinery, ask a specialist:

Although the manufacturer usually communicates the guaranteed minimum time of duration in the tires, truly the time they last will depend on the use you give to the machinery. What we can recommend is that when buying quality tires and machinery, ask your seller which are the tires that best suit your needs. Our specialists will take into account the use, distances, environmental situations, the traction of the machine and will advise you the best.

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