Hire Tipper Trucks at an Affordable Price in the Middle East

Where to rent a Tipper or Dump Truck in UAE?

You can hire a tipper truck at an affordable price at any time of the year in the Transportation Company in the City of Dubai. You just need to leave your request for the rental of special equipment. For the price of the work of the truck (per shift, or the price per hour of rental) please enquire it by dialing +971 55-141-2400. or submit an enquiry for a quote.

A Tipper is a truck or semi-truck with a mechanical device for tipping the body. In most cases, a hydraulic system is used. Bunker-type body or platform. Some models have telescopic lifts in the front of the frame that tilts the entire vehicle. There are such trucks with forced unloading (without tilting the body), for which they have a screw conveyor, an ejector unloading system.

The dump truck is designed for transportation of bulk (bulk) or bulk cargo, suitable for a similar method of unloading: soil, sand, crushed stone, construction waste, grain, potatoes, fertilizers, etc. One of its distinguishing features is an extremely durable body material. As a result, renting a tipper-truck is a profitable business, due to the reliability of the “working body” of the machine. For efficiency, it is recommended to load the truck in no more than 4-5 working cycles of loading equipment.

Dump truck is a modern multifunctional special equipment, with the help of which it is possible to carry out the transportation of bulk cargo and monolithic cargo, at any distance. Tipper trucks reliably used in the private and industrial sectors, as well as in many other areas of the economy. These heavy-duty trucks can be operated in any conditions. From the North to the hottest and desert regions of the United Arab Emirates. Our dump trucks are maneuverable and fast and will cope with the most difficult task of transporting cargo and garbage or a waste of any tonnage.

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Dump truck classification

By way of unloading:

  • tilt;
  • forced

In the direction of unloading:

  • back;
  • lateral;
  • double-sided;
  • universal (in all directions).

By body type:

  • a bunker moving down the bunker;
  • platform moving platform.

To destination:

Universal – designed for public roads and transportation of bulk cargo for any purpose. Most models have from 2 to 4 axles, carrying capacity up to 40 tons. Often machines have additional features: three-way unloading, a platform pre-lifting mechanism, an ejector system with a telescopic hydraulic cylinder, etc. This is the most popular group among customers who want to arrange a rental truck.

Agricultural – designed for bulky cargo with a relatively small proportion, therefore, equipped with a more bulky body (increasing board). On some models put auger device for forced unloading. Have increased permeability. Such machines are usually used in cases when you need to remove a dump truck for transportation of agricultural products.

Construction – transporting goods with a large proportion. Unloading is usually one- or two-way (back and sideways). Renting a dump truck designed for the transportation of construction materials – this means ordering reliable and durable equipment.

Career (off-road) – differ in very large dimensions and the same carrying capacity (up to 400 tons). The body must have a protective visor (FOBS standard requirement). Work only in careers. Use on highways is prohibited.

Load capacity (common):

  • category, especially small – up to 1 ton;
  • category, small – up to 2 tons;
  • category, medium – up to 5 tons;
  • category, large – up to 10 tons;
  • category, especially large – over 10 tons.

For marketing reasons, most manufacturers introduce their own classification for capacity. The design feature of the tipper truck determines the advantages: no team of loaders or special equipment is required for unloading, the time for unloading operations is significantly reduced. This explains the fact that more and more customers want to order a tipper truck to order.

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