Rental of special equipment for roadworks in Dubai, UAE

As it is known, roadworks are one of the big troubles in the world. In any city they are repaired and rebuilt year-round. For roadworks today, an indispensable element are specialized machines. What special rental equipment is in demand for road construction works, you can learn from this article.

You can find the below equipment in the fleet of “Transportation” Company:

All this various special equipment is demanded on road works. Each unit of equipment can be used to perform the following necessary tasks:

Not every construction company has at least half of the necessary equipment, there are often idle times that are unforgivable when repairing and building roads. Decide what special equipment is in demand in your construction site in the UAE and enter into a long-term contract with Transportation on favorable terms.

The basis of any road works is the transportation of materials, their subsequent laying and leveling, as well as the compaction of the laid layer. Using dump trucks from the company “Transportation”, you will always have the opportunity to bring soil, sand, crushed stone, bitumen, asphalt concrete to the construction site in Dubai. In addition to these bulk materials, pipes and other elements of the drainage system must be delivered to the roadworks.

When cleaning the space on which the road will be built, bulldozers and excavators are usually used from objects of animate and inanimate nature. Both for the initial works and for the improvement of the road area, specialized equipment is required everywhere. Without it, do not make any congresses, no stops, no parking.

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Road Equipment Rental in Dubai, UAE

Renting specialized equipment is a big savings for any construction company based in the emirates. Having learned what special equipment is in demand in your area, do not rush to acquire its ownership, you just need to call +971 43 984 732, and you will receive for construction work any equipment in perfect condition and with a professional operator.

The modern construction industry assumes participation in various works of a large number of special equipment. The construction of roads and the laying of various types of transport communication can not be done without road equipment.

All sorts of graders, dump trucks, rollers , bulldozers, excavators, pavers, trenchers and pipelayers improve work efficiency, but they themselves are a very expensive budget item.

If you are not ready for the fact that the purchase and maintenance of special equipment will have to go bad, the best solution would be to rent road equipment in the U.A.E. So you will be spared from the most expensive consequences of the work of special equipment on your construction site, and in return for relatively little money you will receive a guarantee of the quality of the service provided.

The main advantage of renting road equipment is evident – the overall reduction in the cost of your work carried out by your company. Many construction companies prefer to use rented equipment from year to year and thus save impressive sums on its purchase, maintenance and repair. The rent is paid once a month or once a quarter and does not greatly affect the overall budget.

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If the road equipment is needed for any one-time short-term work, then the benefits from the rental become even more noticeable. An important advantage is the opportunity to use the services of professional operators of special equipment that the company can provide.

For example, the services of the specialists of our company are already included in the rental rate plan and will cost the tenant a very modest fee.

The main disadvantage that you can feel when deciding to rent road equipment is its high demand in the construction services in the UAE market. As a result, the right machinery may simply not be in the fleet, as they will be rented by a more agile competitor. In order to avoid such a situation, you should seek help from companies such as Transportation Co., which have an extensive fleet of heavy machinery for rent and are always ready to select the necessary type of special equipment for their clients.

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