Rent JCB forklift truck loader in Sharjah, Dubai

The JCB 540-200 is an innovative model in a series of forklift loaders. Thanks to the 5-element design boom with the largest 20-meter outreach in the model range, that is, the maximum performance in this model range. The telescopic loader maneuvers are combined with the crane carrying capacity, which eliminates the need to rent additional heavy equipment.

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Among other features of this telescopic loader should be noted innovative hydraulic system, contributing to improved performance, and three modes of steering. Of course, productivity costs nothing without durability, therefore loaders 540-200 are equipped with the well-known DIESELMAX engine with a perfect fit for a car with a JCB transmission. JCB 540-200 telescopic loader can be used in any construction and loading work in Dubai, as an adjustable chassis allows you to maintain a horizontal position even on uneven ground, and the crab course is designed to maneuver next to walls and buildings.

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Another popular feature in the domestic market, belonging to the Loadall line is equipped with the same 4-cylinder engine of 4.4 liters and a power of 100 liters. With a 2,200 rpm Due to the unique design and powerful engine, the car, which weighs 12,985 kg, is capable of a speed of 29 km / h. The capacity of this model is 4,000 kg. A feature of the JCB 540-200 is the maximum lifting height of 20 m. An arrow consisting of five 2-meter elements provides this feature.

In addition, this forklift has a stable working platform and provides high comfort, excellent security and ease of maintenance.

Safety and Reliability

  • The model 540-200 is equipped with a back-up movement alarm system, and a complete set of mirrors – side and rearview – provides all-round visibility and compliance with safety requirements.
  • To protect against damage to the hoses, hydraulic locks are installed on the hydraulic cylinders of this telescopic handler.
  • Model 540-200 Loadall is protected from overturning thanks to the angle position sensors on the boom. The swing of the chassis is turned off when the boom is raised more than 10˚, and when lifting above 45, the stabilizers are blocked.
  • Ergonomically placed handrails and two steps allow operators to easily and quickly climb into and out of the cab of the 540-200 forklift telescopic loader, constantly maintaining three contact points.
  • The optional front and rear working lights of the Model 540-200 provide excellent visibility both day and night.
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The Main Characteristics of JCB Forklift [540-200]

  • Load capacity: 4,000 kg
  • Total weight: 12985 kg
  • Load capacity at maximum reach: 200 kg


  • Engine type: Diesel
  • Number and arrangement of cylinders: 4
  • Engine capacity: 4400 cm3
  • Engine power: 74.2 (100) kW (hp)
  • Estimated speed: 2200 rpm
  • Cylinder Bore and Stroke: 103 x 132
  • Engine manufacturer (brand): JCB

Fuel system

  • Maximum speed: 29 km / h


  • Ground clearance: 410 mm
  • Wheel (track) base: 2750 mm
  • Overall dimensions: 6810 x 2440 x 2720 mm

Brake system

  • Service brakes: hydraulic, multidisk in oil
  • Parking brakes: manual, disk

Refueling tanks

  • Fuel tank: 146 l
  • Cooling system: 23 l
  • Hydraulic tank: 150 l

Performance Specs

  • Lifting height of the working body: 10270-20000 mm


  • Tires: 17.5-25
  • Front / rear wheel track: 1970 mm

Driving performance

  • Type of management: sitting down

Attachment Equipment

  • Type of working body: Pitchfork

Other characteristics

  • Chassis type: Wheels

One of the important characteristics of the JCB telescopic handler is its reliability. This is facilitated by a number of engineering developments: a multi-level load control system that warns of overload and blocks the extension of the boom, a solid chassis that provides maximum strength and lightness, hoses inside the boom, protected from possible damage. The U-shaped boom design and lack of counterweights are the design features of JCB telescopic handlers. Most models come with a JCB Dieselmax engine, which provides high power and torque at low revs.

JCB advantages

The JCB telescopic loader is distinguished from other brands by its high lifting speed and maximum ease of handling. The machine is very maneuverable, works well on hard-to-reach areas and close areas. Work equipment changes quickly and easily. Management is simple and sensitive. Assembly – at the highest level, improved finish, piping and cable neatly laid. It is also important that the noise level at work is extremely low. And, finally, driving on the highway for comfort is not much inferior to a trip in a passenger car.

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Depending on the application of the forklift telescopic loader, our experts will select the necessary attachments for you: loading forks, various ladles, crane hook, sweeper or cradle. It is thanks to a wide range of attachments that the famous functionality of the equipment is achieved.

JCB company presents more than 20 models of telescopic handlers, starting with small-sized equipment for working in confined spaces to machines with a maximum carrying capacity of up to 4.1 tons and a departure height of 17 m.

Design features of telescopic loaders JCB

Developing a new model, JCB engineers use not only successful solutions from other well-known manufacturers, but also their own developments. For example, only a six-speed gearbox works on special equipment of the specified brand. Due to this, it is possible to raise the amount of torque to the maximum. Also, experts have carefully investigated the bottlenecks that appear during the operation of the machine. And determined that the most common is the lack of lateral stability of the unit. Therefore, to date, the JCB telescopic handler is one of the best on this indicator.

Here you can add light control, quick replacement of working bodies and much more. Ergonomics – at the highest level. Among other characteristics, I would like to note the high maneuverability. The first is achieved by an all-wheel-drive on all 4 wheels. And the second – the fact that the chassis is not too wide, and the angle of rotation of the wheels – significant. By the way, about the chassis.

It is monolithic, and therefore – particularly durable. The steering can operate in one of three modes: the “crab” move or turn, synchronous or only the front wheels. Switching is fully automated, with “anti-fool”. Transmissions are easily changed even at high speeds, without locking the differential. The powerful Dieselmax engine develops a fairly high torque, including at low revs.

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It has a transverse arrangement. Due to this, there is no need to adjust the driveshaft. And it becomes possible to put both tanks, fuel and hydraulic, not in the middle, but in the rear part of the chassis. As a result, the center of gravity of the machine is shifted back, which allows, unlike other brands of equipment, to do without counterweights.

Accordingly, the unit is easier. To protect against overheating of the motor, a fan is provided, so the equipment can work for a long time in a closed warehouse. Due to the fact that the hoses are laid inside the boom, its reliability increases. The cabin is wide, with a circular view. Regulators and control devices are grouped by semantic categories, it facilitates control.


Without exaggeration, we can say that the most popular model of special equipment in the UAE market is the JCB forklift loader. However, manufacturers decided not to stop there, and thanks to the introduction of modern developments, the improvement of the basic model and thousands of test cycles, they presented a revolutionary model of the JCB 540-200 telescopic loader. Its distinguishing feature is an increased height of unloading and convenient loading of the load, that is, the machine is used to work in hard-to-reach or cramped conditions where it is impossible to use alternative equipment.

You will like this thoughtful and well-made machine. All controls and switches are ergonomically located and intuitively grouped on the front panel, which allows the operator to quickly get into the process of controlling the JCB 540-200 telescopic handler. It should be noted good all-round visibility. The comfort of the operator is extremely important since the performance of the machine and, accordingly, the implementation of the necessary volumes of work depend on it.

JCB telescopic handlers are exclusively maneuverable machines. Maneuverability is achieved due to a narrow chassis, a large angle of rotation of the wheels and three steering modes (turning the front wheels only, coordinated turning of all wheels, a “crab” course). And the ability to connect all-wheel drive contributes to high permeability.

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