Differences between JCB 3CX and JCB 4CX loader Excavators

The British company JCB is one of the most popular manufacturers of special equipment. The technique of this brand is widespread throughout the world. The most popular machinery of this company are JCB 3CX and JCB 4CX backhoe loaders. These two units of special equipment are widespread throughout the United Arab Emirates. JCB 3CX and 4CX backhoe loaders can be found both on construction sites in Dubai and during road or earthworks. They are capable of performing a wide variety of work. But there are slight differences between them.

Let’s look at them in more detail.

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Loader Excavator Transmission

JCB 3CX backhoe loaders are equipped exclusively with a mechanical transmission. But the JCB 4CX model is equipped with either a semi-automatic Powershift transmission or a fully automatic transmission – Autoshift. Most people think that an automatic or semi-automatic transmission does not affect the quality of the work done. Everyone is convinced that a more modern transmission is an additional comfort for the driver.

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But this is far from the case. Improved transmission allows you to use special equipment more productively. This is especially noticeable during loading and unloading, as well as in the case of the movement of goods. At the same time, different backhoe loaders will be able to move and load a different amount of cargo. A more productive special equipment in this regard will be the JCB 4CX model, which is equipped with either a semi-automatic or automatic transmission.

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Carrying Capacity

One of the most basic characteristics is their carrying capacity. Despite the fact that the 3CX and 4CX buckets are practically the same, they have different load capacities. The maximum weight that can be lifted by the JCB 3CX is 3300 kilograms. The JCB 4CX is capable of lifting loads weighing 4,638 kilograms. This is more than a significant difference. The productivity of the JCB 4CX excavator during loading, unloading and moving loads will be much higher. In percentage terms, JCB 4CX in productivity can exceed JCB 3CX by 30%. But this is only during certain works.

Loading Height

In some cases, the ability to maximize the load is very important. JCB 3CX can lift loads to a height of 2 meters 74 centimeters. The JCB 4CX model significantly exceeds this figure. This backhoe loader can carry out loading work to a height of 3 meters 63 centimeters. In this case, if there is a need to carry out loading work at a great height, then the JCB 4CX has a significant advantage.

External Dimensions and Weight of Special Equipment

If we compare 3CX and 4CX backhoe loaders in external dimensions, then the JCB 4CX is a larger technique. This model exceeds JCB 3CX in both length and height. In addition, the weight of the JCB 4CX exceeds the weight of the JCB 3CX by more than half a ton.

In some cases, the size of the special equipment and its weight does not matter. But there are times when a more compact and lightweight technique has a significant advantage. But this happens only in very rare cases.

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Design Features

Externally, both loader excavators are very similar to each other. Visually different is only the front wheelbase. But these excavators have significant differences in the designs of lifting mechanisms. Due to this difference, the JCB 4CX significantly exceeds the JCB 3CX in terms of load capacity.

Areas of Application for Backhoe Loaders

Both models can be used in a wide variety of fields. 3CX and 4CX will perfectly cope with earthworks of any complexity. Such excavators are used to unload and move goods over relatively short distances. This special equipment is simply indispensable during road repair work. In addition, both excavators can very often be found at construction sites in the UAE.

If you equip such special equipment with additional attachments, then the scope increases significantly.

The Cost of Special Equipment

Due to the fact that the excavator loader JCB 4CX is more powerful and large equipment, its cost is higher compared to the JCB 3CX model. As a result of this, the market value of JCB 4CX may exceed the cost of JCB 3CX by 10-15%. In this regard, the rental price of a more powerful backhoe loader may slightly exceed the rental price of JCB 3CX.

Which Excavator to rent?

Most tenants understand the difference between 3CX and 4CX. Everyone knows that a more powerful and larger technique is more productive. But the cost of renting this equipment exceeds the cost of renting less powerful. In this case, it is very important to know what tasks will be set for excavator loaders. There are such works that the JCB 3CX backhoe loader will perform at the same time as the JCB 4CX. In some cases, JCB 4CX productivity can significantly exceed JCB 3CX productivity.

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Our company has in stock a wide range of special equipment. If necessary, you can rent not one, but several units of special equipment at the same time. All our equipment is the most modern, which regularly undergoes full technical maintenance. And all of our drivers are highly qualified.

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