Top 5 myths of machinery rental that is not true

The world of machinery rental has several myths that are frequently repeated, without having a basis in reality. Here we bring you a ranking of the 5 myths of machinery rental and its explanation.

I will leave more expensive rent a machine than buy my own equipment.

This myth is always heard and it is not always true. If it is a piece of equipment that needs to be used constantly or for an indefinite period of time, it is likely to need to be acquired after a projection with respect to the purchase value of the equipment and its associated expenses. In this projection, it is necessary to detail the costs of preventive, corrective, operation and financing maintenance.

If it is a work of short duration or for a defined time, rent is the most economical option. When renting, the owner of the equipment is the one in charge of both the operation of the equipment and any maintenance that must be carried out.

The heavy investment that must be made to acquire a team, either on credit or cash, makes rental a viable option for those who do not have all the capital required to acquire a new or used unit. Construction, transportation, power generation and other equipment are industrial units that tend to have a high cost, so purchasing them may not always be within reach.

It is difficult to get rental equipment.

The rent must be coordinated in advance so that the transportation of the equipment to the location of the work is safe and effective. Our website xyz, is responsible for coordinating rentals so that they can be efficiently fulfilled. Our team of advisors will help you to dimension the work you need to perform, the type of equipment and also to find one that is within your budget, rent without complications!

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Nobody guarantees me that the rental equipment works properly.

During the rental there may be problems that prevent the equipment from continuing to operate normally. Faced with these eventualities, the owner must guarantee the repair against damage that the equipment has suffered due to wear or lack of maintenance.

I want to rent a machine with my own operator; all the operators know how to maneuver the machines.

Each machine has a specific function, form of operation and different security measures. An operator must learn how to operate a machine efficiently, optimizing times and thus increasing the performance of the machine. An inexperienced operator, unaware of the particularities of the machine, can not only delay the work, but can also cause damage to the equipment, which in the long run will represent a greater cost of ownership.

I do not need to provide fuel in a machine rental; I get it at a lower price.

The price of the fuel is the same and providing fuel for the equipment can result in a very serious complication for those who do not have a logistics with an authorized tanker. The price of the fuel is included in the rental value, unless the contract stipulates that the person who rents it is the one who will provide it.

Always keep in mind, that to provide fuel, permits are required with local authorities, since the sale of illegal fuel is punishable by law.

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