To buy or rent cranes in Dubai, What is the best option?

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The truck crane or self-propelled cranes are heavy machinery of great importance for the mining and construction sector. They are even indispensable for carrying out large-scale works and hoisting. Therefore, many engineers and owners of construction companies wonder if it makes sense to rent cranes, instead of buying them. This is because people want to determine the most profitable plan for their particular situation, as well.

In this article we will help you to clear your doubts and choose the best option, making the necessary considerations.

The Cost

One of the main reasons why a person or company wants to rent a crane, instead of buying a crane is the cost. Since not only should you have thousands of dollars to buy a crane, but you will have to spend time and cost in performing the proper maintenance of the machine. On the other hand, if you rent it, you will only worry about making the payment for the service you have requested. And when it is finished it will go away and it will no longer be your responsibility.

Renting is a particularly attractive option for smaller companies that, by not being able to afford to buy a crane outright, can use a rental service and remain competitive in the labor market.

The Time

Consider the time you are going to use the machinery is important to make a decision, whether buying or renting. For example, if you plan to use only one specific type of crane during the next 25 years, that would be more the long-term cost effective for the purchase of machinery that is necessary. And he will use it for most of his projects. Without a doubt, you will have to buy a self-propelled crane or a crane truck, which suits your needs.

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However, if you are only going to use the crane for a certain time or only for some projects. It is more if you only use different types of crane to do a job, renting cranes will be very useful. You can do it by hiring a serious company that has the required certifications, such as

Type of Need

Construction companies and miners may need a particular crane for each type of project or work they do. Therefore there are different types of heavy machinery as well as different sizes of cranes. Moreover, the type that is used for construction, is not usually the same as used in mining. In this case it would be advisable to rent the equipment as needed and when you need it.

But if he decides to buy a certain equipment, he must do so thinking that he will use it for the majority of his works. Therefore, the rest would be rented to comply with the other projects that need a different machinery. In addition, this action will open other job opportunities for your company, since it would not be the same considering only the use of equipment in stock.

Remember that a 10-ton crane will not have the same capacity as a 50-ton crane.

Additional Costs

Buying a crane does not just mean paying for the machine and that’s it. Well, it must take into account the additional expenses that this will cause. Such as the monthly payment of the personnel (operator and rigger), monthly maintenance, insurance, certification of a crane.

If you choose to rent, our company is responsible for regular service charges, annual inspections, and any unexpected maintenance. These additional savings allow your company to focus in depth on other business areas. It also relieves the stress and responsibilities involved with the handling of the equipment. The rental of an operator guarantees safety and efficiency.

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The decision to rent cranes can also become more profitable over time. On construction sites, you may have to eliminate dead trees or trees that are simply too big for the site. The purchase of a crane for this type of work may not be practical if you are not going to use it frequently. It would be a machine that does not generate profits for the company, instead it can buy a tool that can generate income for the company.

Size of the Company

Buying or renting cranes will also depend on the size of the company. Since the larger will be enough money to acquire this type of machinery. Quite the contrary, a company that is just starting or is small will not have enough budget to buy a crane and less to realize the additional expenses that this action implies.

Time Availability

The time you have is also important to make the decision to buy or rent. Since you must bear in mind that when buying a crane, you will add more work to your company. Such as making the necessary documentation to work, perform certification, secure the machine, hire the staff that will operate the crane, perform maintenance and monthly inspection. On the other hand, if you decide to rent cranes, the company will take care of everything. And you will not have to worry about anything, nor in what garage you will save. This way you will have time to dedicate yourself to your business, which is your specialty.

Personnel to Operate the Crane

Crane and rigger operators are professionals trained to maneuver heavy machinery, be it a self-propelled crane or a crane truck). When you make the purchase of a crane you can not include the operator and the rigger of this machinery. You would have to make a call for the selection process of personnel and then make the hiring of the case.

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On the other hand, when you decide to rent cranes, you can also choose to include the staff. This way you will not have to worry about who will maneuver the machine or perform a selection process. You can use that time in carrying out your business projects. But if you want to rent the cranes without the staff, the crane rental companies in the UAE gives you that option. But remember that the operators are already prepared and know their work machine. This option is ideal for those who do not have the time to train a new staff.


The final decision is made by the owner or manager of the company that needs to have a crane. Of course you will have to review the points we have exposed you for your best decision.

But if you were convinced that it is more profitable to rent cranes in the UAE, then we offer you our services. You just have to ask or request for a free quote in the comments section below.

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