Compaction machine for rent in the UAE

In many cases, after the transfer or replenishment of the land, sufficient compaction is necessary to support other material placed on top or for the smoothing of the land. Therefore, an important element in the construction is the necessary machinery for compaction, understanding to compact the action of reducing the volume of the soil in the field of construction.

The bad compaction of the soil during the construction process usually ends with later problems due to its bad execution, for that reason, here we have a large selection of construction machinery that will allow you to compact the soil and avoid problems in the future. We have vibrating trays, rammers, large tonnage rollers, lance rollers and tandem rollers

Discover the compaction equipment for rent from us. The compaction line offers many variables for rent. Within this line there are three subgroups, the rollers, the trays and the vibratory rammers. Depending on the work that must be done, you, with the advice of our technicians, can choose the compaction machine that best suits your needs.

Do you need to rent a compaction equipment in Dubai?

It is important that you know the factors that influence when choosing compaction equipment or another in order to always use the right equipment for the job you are going to do. You must consider all those factors that are part of the “personal act” of the material to be compacted, such as the type of soil, shape and roughness of the individual particle as well as the granulometric distribution. In addition, the specific conditions of the work, the prescribed compaction percentage of the material to be compacted, as well as the special conditions, if any, of the contract signed with the client must be considered.

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In this way, for example, for non-cohesive (granular) soils, a vibrating tray or a vibrating roller should be considered as the best option, while for cohesive soils a vibratory rammer (commonly called tamper or frog) can be considered a good option. ..

The rammer is a light machine, weighs 70 kgs. It is the right one to rent in compactions of reduced spaces and ditches. The plate measures 0.29 x 0.33 and is capable of compacting 132 m² / hour. The next level of compaction would be covered with the compactor trays; within this family you can rent four different models.

The standard model, and more rented, is the 40 cm wide tray compactor. It is a reversible tray that weighs 140 kgs with a performance of 504 m² / hour that offers maximum mobility by having wheels for greater comfort of movement.

Another option is to rent our 60 cm wide tray compactor. The weight of this tray is 405 kgs and offers a performance of practically twice as much as the previous one.

Innovation is one of our hallmarks, which is why we offer the new compact tray for rent with remote control, whose performance is similar to that of 60 cm tray compactor. But the advantage offered by the remote control is remarkable since the operator can work with the machine located in a safe area.

The control has a security system that prevents the machine from continuing to operate if the operator turns or misleads. In addition, you can rent the new 50 cm compactor tray of special width for asphalt. It offers a more than remarkable performance for its 90 kgs of weight, 870 m² / hour, although as a counterpart it should be noted that it is the only one that is not reversible, that is, it only walks in one direction.

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The last family within the compaction is the roller compactor, among which we have the roller of 65 cm. wide, the only manual, weighs 750 kgs. From here on, we move on to the tandem rollers, in which the operator sits. Specifically we offer for rent the compactor roll 80 cm. wide with a weight of 1500 kgs .; the one of 100 cm. wide, weighing 2500 kgs and the roller compactor of 120 cm. wide with a weight of 3000 kgs.

It is important that before undertaking the rental, know in depth the conditions of the land to be compacted, dimensions, etc. For any questions contact us, one of our sales representatives will advise you.

Do not worry if you have doubts about which compaction machine to use. We will help you choose the vibratory rammer (tamper), the vibrating tray (frog), the lance roller, the earth roller, or any other equipment that best suits your needs.

Finally, if you prefer, you can also provide us with your phone number and we will call you for free.

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