John Deere: One of the best grader to hire in Dubai

Everything you need to know about the John Deere Motor Grader

The John Deere is high performance, unsurpassed reliability and safety, low operating costs grader. Motor graders are made of reliable and proven materials; therefore, in terms of quality and cost, they are the perfect balance.

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John Deere special construction machinery is characterized by excellent technical qualities and can be equipped with various mounted organs, due to which the scope is expanded. The motor grader is available in two versions – with a twin axle or four-wheel drive all-wheel drive. A 9 liter power plant is installed on the machine, distinguished by its economy and high efficiency. At the same time, the power of the unit is comparable to the power of products of global manufacturers.

Each grader of John Deere brilliantly perform excavation work and is suitable for solving the most complex tasks on construction sites in the UAE. High engine power – Tier 2, solid traction on the blade – from 12 to 20 thousand kilograms, the ability to choose the best drive for certain jobs and attention to ergonomics – these are the main advantages of this technology. Even the youngest model in the line – the grader 670G – will adequately cope with a large area and will not cause complaints from the owners or the operators.

The grader allows you to decide how to do the job. The blade, which comes as standard, has increased strength and characteristics that increase the period of productive operation, as well as an economical nine-liter diesel engine PowerTech. Convenient access to the filter unit and easily cleanable retractable coolers. The Deere motor grader has features that save money and time and reduce maintenance costs.

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Features and benefits of John Deere Graders

  • Multifunctional monitor with the possibility of machine diagnostics
  • 6 wheel drive
  • Sealed multi-function keypad
  • Hydraulically driven cooling fan with on-demand cooling system and automatic reverse function
  • The ability to adjust the speed of rotation of the front wheels
  • Powerful and fuel efficient EU Stage 2 John Deere PowerTech engine with wet cylinder liners
  • Additional coarse fuel filter for particularly heavy duty
  • Auxiliary launcher using ether
  • The most productive blade in its class
  • Cooling system designed for heavy duty operation.
  • Extended service intervals

The main advantages of technology include:

  • two types of control – lever and steering;
  • large viewing angle;
  • standard equipment includes installation of high-quality transmission, hydraulic system, axle and air conditioning system;
  • The exhaust quality of the power unit complies with Tier standards.

Thanks to the installation of all-wheel drive, traction increases by 35% compared to similar rear-wheel drive technology. This has a positive effect on the speed of working operations and the reduction in the number of grabs. The standard equipment of the motor grader includes, as working equipment, a rear ripper and a front dump.

The control system has been improved, now the control of equipment is made easily and naturally. As a result of the changes, new functions have appeared, the viewing angle has increased, the productivity has increased. Front windows are installed large in size compared with the windows of previous generations of cars. A fixed console is also provided.

The Design and other Specs of the grader are:


By improving the configuration of the frame, the grader has an increased lumen of the frontal body, a turntable and an extended working area of ​​the body. Also, a positive effect is observed when the blade turns to the mode of cutting the base.

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The high strength of the joint is due to the installation of high-quality tapered roller bearings.

The John Deere embodies the new technology – NeverGrease, which is a contact connection. Thanks to this design, the duration of service work, namely the lubrication of aggregates, is reduced by more than 50%. Efficiency of work remains high due to dense knots of connection. The design has the greatest significance when leveling the blade (IGC).

The front console is narrow, the blade support is characterized by high streamlining, which guarantees an excellent overview of the working platform. The GP series is characterized by a reduced steering column and the lack of standard control units.


An important feature of the grader John Deere is its high performance. It is achieved thanks to the 6-wheel drive that the machine is equipped with. Operations can be performed in fewer passes and much faster than when operating graders and motor graders with a drive only to the rear carriage.


One of the advantages of the proposed model is a modern cabin. It is glazed from floor to ceiling, which gives the operator an excellent overview and allows him to easily follow the cutting edge, wheels and dump points. The chair in which the operator works has an ergonomic shape and prevents fatigue. All controls are correctly grouped. There are cooling and heating systems that also increase the level of comfort for the operator.


For the gear shift meets the upgraded box. It is equipped with an EBS system that provides situational switching. Speeds change automatically taking into account the current load, the operator does not have to use the clutch pedal and perform other actions.


The drive on 6 wheels – important advantage of the grader John Deere. It allows you to work on slippery and loose surfaces, eliminating the likelihood of rolling and skidding machines. Such a drive makes it possible to work at minimum speeds.

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Installed on the machine power unit of its own production. The PowerTech Plus model guarantees fuel efficiency in comparison with analogues with similar power characteristics. The advantages of the model include high power, which provides productivity, as well as ease of maintenance.

As standard, the engine is equipped with a direct supply system of the combustible mixture, which includes a distribution rail (HPCR). It is responsible for supplying the required amount of fuel, and increases the efficiency of the unit.

Also in the basic assembly are installed four-valve cylinder heads, intake and exhaust channels on which are directed in different directions, a turbocharger with variable configuration (VGT) and exhaust recirculation system to reduce the gas temperature (EGR). The quality of the exhaust meets the standards of Tier 2, while the fuel efficiency is much higher than when installing the Tier 3 engine.

The fuel consumption of the John Deere is lower than that of competing vehicles. This is possible thanks to the installation of an improved fuel system and closed center hydraulics.

Cooling system

Reversible fans may deviate, the rotational speed of the blades depends on the amount of heat. Air enters the cooling system through air inlets in which filters with a hole diameter of 2 mm are installed. As a result, the purified air flows slowly and does not create a vacuum.

To reduce the length of the grader, a block installation of coolers is provided. In this case, the units are located under each other, and the air is cooled qualitatively. Elements such as the transmission, hydraulic system, axle and air conditioning system are mounted on movable hinges, which during maintenance can be rejected to facilitate cleaning of the units.

To guarantee the high technical characteristics of the John Deere when operating in dusty areas, a fan reversal with a frequency of from ten to forty minutes is provided. To control the reverse, special functions are used on the monitor in the driver’s cab; they are standard on G-Series models.

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