What do I need to rent a crane in Sharjah?

Technical data to rent a crane in Dubai

It is very easy to rent a crane in Dubai, but the more technical data proportions of the maneuver, the more data of the place and the access, the faster you will get a quote for the rental of cranes. So here we are going to explain the bases of all or almost everything, but remember that at the time you request it, most crane rental companies can send technical personnel to take action for the maneuver.

Rent of a crane of 50 meters is most often necessary when performing construction works in the UAE. Due to the long length and high carrying capacity, using such special equipment is possible to feed materials to the highest floor or to easily install floor slabs. In this case, you do not have to spend a lot of money on the purchase of a crane, you can rent it from us for the required period. We offer mobile crane rental services in Sharjah and the Gulf region.

We offer our customers favorable prices for renting a crane in Sharjah. The ordered special equipment will be delivered to you at the facility at a strictly agreed time, it will be completely ready for work. To apply for a rental crane of 50 meters, you can use the order form or contact our manager by phone +971 55-141-2400

Technical data of the maneuver:

The main data or measures that you must have at hand when requesting a quotation for crane rental are:

-The weight and measurements of the piece or pieces to be loaded (at least the heaviest and the most voluminous). This information must be given to you by the manufacturer of the parts and if they have extra packaging or accessories that imply more weight or measures, they must be added. This data is crucial to rent the right crane, be it a crane with a hydraulic boom, a tower crane or whatever crane.

-The Radius: It is the horizontal distance from the center of the crane to the center of the load (to the furthest point). The more radius or distance from the center (axis of rotation) of the crane the more load capacity is needed, more boom and more counterweights; Of course, rent is more expensive. But this measure is very important to determine the capacity of the crane and the size of the boom or the type of boom that is required.

-The vertical height of elevation (The highest point) if you are going to lift one or more pieces on bases, posts, buildings, columns or just upload it to a truck. You should consider adding the base and the piece (or person) to raise in order to know how many pens, arm, modules, etc. Use of the crane. This vertical measurement with the radius measurement is the most important to determine which crane is needed.

Vertical lifting height:

The height of the assembly plus the height of the piece or the person gives us the vertical measure of total elevation. This combined with the radio will give us a good signal of the crane that is required for your maneuver. Remember that the more radius or more height = more crane capacity = more expensive; But, once you know exactly what they are quoting you can rent the right crane at the right price.


Sometimes there are certain very important elements to consider which are the ones that stand between the assembly and the crane-like; trees, cables, the sidewalk, a garden, machinery, building, fence, cistern, pit, the size of the piece to be loaded, the angle of the boom or whatever implies that the radius will increase or the length of the boom.

So the obstacles that there are or will be between the crane and the mounting or lifting point should not forget to mention and measure when requesting a crane service. As I mentioned before, this horizontal measurement with the vertical height measurement defines the capacity of the crane that you must rent for your maneuver.

Of course, there are many other obstacles, obstructions, and aspects on the sides, behind or above the crane that could interfere with the radius or with the turning of the crane in addition to other crane mobilities (boom angle, placement and the maneuver in general), but that can be defined by the technician or operator in a previous visit if you request it from the crane rental company.

Once you have all the results and all the technical details of the maneuver, the company that rents you the crane can define what crane capacity you require and quote it. Although now, the next step is to define the location for transfers and access to the maneuver.

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