Loading and Lifting Equipment for Rent in Dubai

Do you need any lifting and loading equipment? Join us to discover the wide range of machinery we have available for rent and how to do it.

We are a company with more than 15 years of experience in the sector and we specialize in the rental of small machinery for any type of task. Our category of lifting and loading machinery stands out due to its high demand. We do not limit ourselves to a specific client, but any company or individual that requires our rental services can request them.

Best Rental Solutions

We offer the best equipment rental solutions for lifting heavy loads. In works, reforms, renovations, installations, etc. There are many situations in which it is necessary to raise loads of a certain entity, for this the force of the workers is not enough and we need the help of specific equipment. Are you looking for a rental solution for lifting massive loads?

We’ve the best rental machinery for your business. For this type of loading and lifting work, we’ve two solutions to choose from, depending on each case. One option is the minor elevator; the other alternative is to rent the portable material elevator.

The minor elevator that you can rent with us will allow you to lift loads of up to 325 kg with total security. This element has the necessary accessories for its correct and safe use, such as the column and the tripod. The counterweights to be placed will run by the customer, who may choose the option that is most comfortable, usually used water drums or bags of sand or cement. The minor-elevator has a single-phase motor; the cable length is 30 meters and the lifting speed is 24 meters / min.

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A very useful alternative depending on the work to be done is to rent the portable material elevator. This machine is ideal for installers’ jobs, such as placement of air conditioners, elevation of beams, plates, etc. You can discover the best options in machinery for lifting loads for rent with us!

Wide Range of Rental Equipment

We have all kinds of equipment, with the most current technology, which can greatly facilitate the work and significantly reduce the execution time of a work. We have different models of machines, pallet trucks, elevators, ladders, scissor lift platforms, forklifts.

Visiting the catalog available on our official website, you will be able to know the technical specifications of each of the previous equipment models. Everything is properly detailed, so that if you have a little knowledge of the work you are going to do then it is very easy to select the equipment that best suits your needs.

However, we are willing to provide technical advice to help you find the right machinery, just contact us. We explain your operation and, if you wish, we put you and pick up the equipment at the construction site or at the address you provide us. Our mission is to make your work as simple as possible!

Forklifts, transpallets to move loads, winches, hoists and slings to take the load to the height you need, we have expanded the range of lifting and material handling rental equipment to help you get the job done.

You can always consult with our specialists who know how to guide you towards the best option, or you can access our online site to get to know our wide catalog of rental heavy machinery and make your reservations via the web.

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Material Handling for Rent in Dubai, UAE

Are you looking for a rental material handling equipment? Such as, Handling, loading and transport of materials, sand, gravel, bricks, rubbish, debris, cleaning of work areas. Then take a look at our line of construction equipment rental products, with many options designed to help you do the work indoors, in landfills or on the job site.

We offer garbage handlers and rental material handlers for both tracked and wheeled vehicles, as well as a full line of telescopic handlers and straight mast forklifts available in a wide range of capacities and lifting heights. For more info please contact us, or you can easily request your quote and check availability with us.

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