Liebherr LTM 350 Ton Crane for Rent in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Why should I rent a 350 Ton Liebherr Crane?

The combination of high carrying capacity along with excellent maneuverability makes the Liebherr truck cranes indispensable for the construction of tall buildings in cramped working conditions in the UAE. Where several tower cranes and 4-5 light-duty cranes were previously used, one Liebherr and one tower crane will cope. Saving in resources, time and money? Of course! Renting a 350-ton truck crane Liebherr LTM 1350 in Dubai will cost you much less than if you purchased a multi-ton.

In you can rent any type and size of cranes. We offer Liebherr crane rentals for short or long periods. With us, you not only rent a crane to lift heavy loads, but also you can hire construction equipment. Whether you want to rent a construction machine, a work platform or a crane, you have come to the right place! Just give us a call on: 055-141-2400

The truck crane performs any type of work that requires lifting heavy loads to a greater height – the Liebherr LTM 1350 can lift them more than 70 m, and its maximum boom reach is about 80 m. In addition, a multi-ton can develop a good one for such a heavy machine speed on the highway – up to 80 km / h, which makes it indispensable in the conditions of rapid movement between objects. After all, the tower crane can not be moved so easily to a great distance – it will have to be disassembled and reassembled in a new place, which is absolutely not necessary for a crane on a car run.

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Main boom reach can be increased from 10.5 to 70 m with a special trellis extension. All work on the Liebherr LTM 1350 is carried out by a highly professional crane operator who has been trained and qualified for working on a multi-ton crane. The high level of maneuverability allows the crane to become such places from where the supply of cargo to objects by a tower crane is impossible, and a low-ton crane cannot lift them to the desired height.

These excellent qualities make the Liebherr LTM 1350 crane an indispensable for construction sites, where high-rise Dubai buildings are being erected, in the conditions of large cities, where space is very small, and the load must be lifted heavy.

The efficiency of our crane is such that in one shift it can make the amount of work that would be done with a regular tower crane for a week, or even more. That is why the rental of a crane in our organization among construction contractors in the UAE, leading at the same time several objects, is so popular.

We consider any working conditions for the number of hours you need. To contact our manager and discuss all the conditions for concluding a lease agreement for Liebherr LTM 1350, you just need to leave a request on our website, with your phone number, and our specialists will contact you promptly.

Liebherr LTM 350 Ton Crane Specs:

  • Maximum loading capacity: 300 tons at departure of 3 meters
  • Telescopic boom length: from 15 to 60 meters
  • Lattice extension of the main boom: from 10.5 to 70 meters
  • Chassis engine: Liebherr eight-cylinder diesel engine with turbocharger
  • Engine Power: 450 kW
  • Crane Installation Engine Liebherr 4-Cylinder Diesel Engine
  • Capacity of crane installation Power: 180 kW
  • Travel speed: 80 km / h
  • Drive / Steering: 12 x 8 x 10
  • Transport weight: 72 tons
  • The total weight of the counterweight: 112.5 tons
  • Arrow length: 70 m.
  • Gooseneck length: 78 m.
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