The latest models of Caterpillar, Komatsu and Hitachi hybrid Excavators

Our fleet of excavators offer a wide range of wheeled and tracked excavators. Among them are the Caterpillar excavators, Hitachi, Komatsu, Terex, John Deere, Volvo

Reducing fuel consumption is the main concern of public works companies. The Komatsu HB215LC-2, Hitachi ZH210LC-5B, and Caterpillar 336F XE hybrid excavators perfectly meet these new requirements.

The hybrid excavator system is based on the motor-generator set of electric rotation that replaces the turret’s hydraulic rotation motor. The assembly captures the kinetic energy at each braking of the turret and converts it into electrical energy.

The regenerated energy is stored in a supercapacitor and helps the motor in the following accelerations. Numerous manufacturers like Case are interested in this technology presented with a prototype in April 2015 at the Intermat fair. Other manufacturers such as Komatsu, Hitachi and Caterpillar are ahead of the competition.

The hybrid excavator Komatsu HB215LC-2

The first hybrid excavator in the world, the PC 200 Hybrid, was presented by Komatsu in 2008. The Japanese manufacturer presented in March 2011 at the Conexpo trade show in Las Vegas the hybrid excavator HB215LC-1, which has since been sold to more than 2,500 copies around the world.

Its descendant, model HB215LC-2, was marketed in April 2014. This model consumes 30% less fuel than a classic excavator model.

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Thanks to its low noise level, this Komatsu hybrid excavator is ideal for urban, night or small spaces.

The Hitachi ZH210LC-5B hybrid excavator

Introduced in Europe in April 2014, the Hitachi ZH210LC-5B hybrid excavator allows reducing operating costs and slightly increasing performance compared to other medium-sized models of the Zaxis-5 series.

Its Trias HX eco-friendly hydraulic system reduces fuel consumption by 31% compared to a classic model, providing the same power, efficiency, and maneuverability.

This model also has an electric assistance system for movements with a small radius of action that are propelled with electric rotation motors, contributing to reduce the fuel consumption of the machine.

The Caterpillar 336F XE Hybrid Excavator

The new Caterpillar 336F XE hybrid excavator, successor to the 336E H hybrid excavator marketed in June 2013, was presented by the American manufacturer in March 2015. It consumes 20% less fuel than the classic 336F excavator and even 25% less than the standard model 336E without low performance or additional maintenance costs.

This model works with ESP (standard programmable electronic pump), ACS (Adaptative Control System) and SER (Swing Energy Recovery) technologies. The ESP device adapts the performance of the motor to the load supported. The ACS technology intelligently manages the hydraulic flows to match machine movements.

The SER procedure is based on the same principle of the rotation generator engine of competitive excavators, with the difference that the stored energy is stored in high-pressure accumulators instead of a super condenser.

Technical characteristics of the Komatsu HB215LC-2, Hitachi ZH210LC-5B and Caterpillar 336F XE hybrid excavators

Model Komatsu HB215LC-2 Hitachi ZH210LC-5B Caterpillar 336F XE
Weight from 22.6 to 23.4 t from 21.7 to 22.8 t from 37 to 38.9 t
Diesel engine power 110 kW 122 kW 235 kW
Maximum depth of excavation 6.62 m 6.67 m 7.49 m
Turning system 12.4 tr / min 11.8 tr / min 8.7 tr / min
Propulsion speed 5.5 km / h 5.5 km / h 4.8 km / h
Sound level in the passenger compartment 69 dB 69 dB 73 dB
External sound level 102 dB 99 dB 105 dB
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