Forklift Rentals: We rent Telescopic Handler JCB 540-170 in the UAE

You can rent a telescopic handler JCB 540-170 in our company at an affordable price in Dubai. The company provides rental services for a wide range of specialized equipment in the UAE and the Gulf Region. For renting a forklift in Dubai or for more detailed information, please call us at 055-141-2400 or leave an online inquiry on the website. You might also want to order: JCB 540-200 telescopic loader

What we offer:

  • Flexible loader rental conditions.
  • Work directly with the owner of the equipment.
  • More favorable prices for long-term rental.
  • Ask for Rental price per hour (without fuel)
  • Ask for Rental price per hour (with fuel)
  • Ask for Rental price per hour (with operator)
  • Delivery on the day of order

JCB 540-170 telescopic handler Description and Features

The JCB 540-170 telescopic handler is a 4-phase, normal size fixed manipulator with a long reach. Highly efficient, it has a Dieselmax engine mounted on a chassis designed to support loads with high stability. Its load capacity is 4 tons and has a lifting height of 17-20 meters.

A distinctive feature of the JCB forklift 540-170 is the unique design of its telescopic boom, which favorably distinguishes the machine from its counterparts from other manufacturers – Merlo, Terex, Bobcat and others. Also to remove and level the topsoil, to work with soil and loose (sand, crushed stone, etc.) as a frontal loader.

However, renting a JCB 540-170 forklift is often used indoors. The loader has one of the largest cabs with the lowest noise level, excellent ventilation and a fully adjustable seat, which will help the operator to do the job for five plus.

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JCB 540-170 telescopic loader is designed for lifting, loading, unloading and moving goods of various weights (dimensions) in open areas. The powerful engine allows the telescopic handler to work with loads weighing up to 4000 kilograms.

JCB telescopic loader, which you rent in the United Arab Emirates, equipped with a special system of protection against overload and buckling. The load moment indicator LMI informs the operator in advance about possible overload and loss of balance, thus avoiding emergencies.

Telescopic handler JCB 540-170: Technical parameters and features

The JCB 540-170 is a full-size telescopic handler with four driving wheels. Such a machine has a strong body, reliability of component parts and working units, as well as a convenient cab for the driver. All this, practically coupled with specialized technology to provide more convenience.

Such machines are widely used in the construction industry for construction, installation and repair work. Due to its compact overall dimensions, the forklift can be operated in cramped conditions, as well as in rooms (warehouse hangars).

The Specs of JCB forklift 540-170

The telescopic loader JCB 540-170 is equipped with a durable reliable body made of steel with a protective coating, which eliminates the negative impact of external factors. The driver’s cab is equipped with air conditioning, a walkie-talkie ventilation system, as well as panoramic windows for a better view for the operator.

The main technical parameters of the forklift are:

  • Total mass of equipment – 12470 kg
  • Length is 6360 mm
  • Cabin height – 2690 mm

At the same time, the maximum load that can be lifted by the machine with a minimum outreach telescopic boom is 4 thousand kg. At the maximum departure of the arrow, this indicator is equal to 600 kg.

The maximum lifting height is 16,700 m, and the maximum reach of the telescopic boom is 12,500 m.

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The telescopic loader JCB 540-170 is equipped with a powerful four-cylinder diesel engine with turbocharging. The power of the power unit is 74.2 kW. Shifting is done with the power of a mechanical gearbox.

This telescopic loader is equipped with a hydraulic braking system. The maximum speed of movement is 23km / h. The fuel tank is designed for 125 liters, which is quite enough for long-term operation of the machine at one gas station. Fuel consumption is also quite economical, only 7 liters per hour of specialized equipment. The loader is equipped with pneumatic wheels with a good tread for easier movement on unprepared soil.

The operation benefits of JCB forklift 540-170

Among the positive aspects of using the JCB 540-170 loader are the following points:

  • The ability to use attachments (several types of buckets, hydraulic hammer, sweeper attachments). This fact has a positive effect on the list of work performed using this machine.
  • Powerful engine and roomy fuel tank. Due to this, the equipment is very productive and at the same it is not necessary to fill it with fuel too often.
  • Wide scope of use (loading of various goods, including building materials of different formats).
  • Possibility of operation, both on small building sites, and in warehouse hangars, which is very convenient.
  • Good technical characteristics and comfortable driver’s cab.
  • High build quality.
  • Long service life.

Due to the possibility of using a wide range of attachments, such equipment can be used not only as a loader, but also to perform a number of construction works (trenching, excavation, soil compaction).

What are the main advantages of renting a telescopic handler JCB 540-170?

Telescopic loader JCB 540-170 has good performance and excellent technical parameters. However, with each technique, there are disadvantages. The main one is its high price, which makes it inaccessible to small and medium-sized companies in the UAE. Because the best solution is not to buy it, but to rent it in Dubai. In this case, you will receive a number of advantages:

  • Saving money on the acquisition of special equipment.
  • Lack of money and time expenses for maintenance, repair and storage of equipment.
  • The ability to rent a car for any period from several hours to a month.
  • In addition to renting, it is possible to use the services of an experienced operator-operator.
  • Acceptable rental price.
  • Excellent technical condition of specialized rental cars.
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Technical Characteristics of JCB telescopic handler

  • Manufacturer: JCB
  • Model: 540-170
  • Load: 4,000 kg
  • Height elevation: 16.50 m
  • Dimensions: 6.36 m
  • Weight: 12,470 kg
  • Type: Diesel
  • Lifting height: 16.7 m
  • Load capacity: 4,000 kg
  • Forward flight: 12.5 m
  • Operating weight: 12740 kg
  • Year of issue: 2008
  • Operating weight: 12740 kg
  • Maximum engine power: 81 kW
  • Maximum hydraulic flow: 90 + 72 l / hv
  • Maximum reach with a load of 1000 kg (model with stabilizers): 10.5 m
  • External radius of turn (on wheels): 4.1 m
  • Loading height (with stabilizers): 16.2 m
  • Loading capacity at full reach: 600 kg


Renting a telescopic handler is a highly demanded service in Dubai. Transportation specializes in renting a wide range of JCB forklift of various capacities. If you need a fast and profitable rental of a telescopic loader in the UAE, you have come to the right place.

We are ready to adapt to our customers: a wide range of attachments (buckets, forks, cradles, hydraulic equipment) is always available, and a telescopic loader can be delivered on the day of order. We’ve experienced operators. JCB telescopic handlers that are rented out in UAE are required to undergo maintenance in order to avoid downtime during the operation.

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