UAE Backhoe Rentals: Hire JCB 4CX ECO backhoe loader

The JCB 4CX backhoe loader is a specialized wheeled machine equipped with two buckets. Such machines are of high quality, maintainability, and versatility of use. Such machines are indispensable at any construction site and are used for leveling the area, excavation, and tamping of the soil, construction of pits and trenches for the laying of utilities. In addition, the tractor is capable of transporting bulk construction materials within the same construction site in the UAE.

You can easily rent a JCB 4CX backhoe loader at an affordable price and with delivery to the site in Dubai, possibly from We provide rental services for specialized equipment in the UAE, and the Gulf Region. For more information about the rental conditions, please call us: 055-141-2400 or fill the online form.

By renting a JCB 4CX backhoe loader in Dubai, UAE, you will get a number of advantages:

  • the possibility of saving money on the purchase of special equipment;
  • the possibility of optimizing the workflow with less involvement of human resources and time costs;
  • the ability to use the services of an experienced operator in addition to the rental of equipment;
  • acceptable rental price.

The Description of JCB 4CX ECO Backhoe

The JCB 4CX ECO backhoe loader, equipped with an efficient 74.2 kW JCB Dieselmax engine, provides average fuel savings of up to 16 percent and reduces emissions and noise.

The range of JCB 4CX backhoe loaders with 4 wheel steering is the largest we manufacture. As a product of JCB’s efficient design philosophy, it offers a solution to rising fuel prices and environmental problems through class-leading efficiency and low operating costs. In short, the manufacturing company have applied innovative technologies to squeeze every last drop of fuel from the JCB 4CX.

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The result? In the type of road, loading, digging and idling cycles, the 4CX backhoe, equipped with the most powerful Dieselmax engine of the backhoes (74.2 kW), achieves an average fuel savings of up to 16%, in addition to emissions and noise levels Lower. Thanks to its high headroom and the 4 wheels of the same size, like a front loader, it can face any terrain better than other backhoes.

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The Highlighted Features 

First of all, it is necessary to note the suitability of the machine for operation in various natural-production conditions, since it possesses not only high maneuverability and excellent maneuverability but also convenient and comfortable arrangement of the cabin. The cab of the car came out quite spacious, and also includes the following equipment:

  • Heating system, both the cabin itself and all excavator glasses.
  • Having blown in glasses, allowing to avoid deterioration of the review in connection with fogging of windows at operation in low-temperature conditions of environment.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Filtering air entering the cabin.
  • Adjustable seat-mounted on air suspension, allowing you to smooth the strong shaking that occurs when working on uneven grounds.
  • The most efficient backhoe loader in the world in typical work cycles.
  • Powerful 74.2 kW Dieselmax engine
  • Integrated quick coupler with forks: the best visibility and lifting capacity in its class.
  • Three steering modes (4-wheel steering and crab included).
  • Best performance of backhoe of its class: more material moved per hour.
  • JCB backhoe loaders have a fairly powerful diesel engine that allows you to perform even the most difficult work. The presented equipment will cope with absolutely any work on the construction site in Dubai. High performance and fairly good efficiency invariably further incline to the choice of this particular brand.

All glass machines made of heat-absorbing materials. Vibration isolation is also present, which is also one of the important elements, as it affects comfort during operation and allows you to avoid fatigue during prolonged work.

Also, in order to increase machine efficiency and reduce fuel consumption, JCB has developed a special feature that allows you to capture torque during operation, saving up to 25 percent of fuel and 10 percent of the time required to complete the work. This technology is called JCB Torque Lock.

Note! JCB company produces several modifications of the JCB 4CX backhoe loader. In addition to the classic version, these are variations of JCB 4CX SiteMaster and JCB 4CX Super. The main differences between them are in the dimensions and capacity of the bucket.

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The key advantages of JCB 4CX are:

  • technology TorqueLock used to build the main characteristics of the technology. With its use, the boom turning radius and the speed of the excavator loader increased by 10%, the working area – by 20%;
  • stability compensation system SRS. Through it, optimal conditions are created for the driver to work;
  • connection to the JCB LiveLink security system with a GPS satellite tracking system, which allows to locate any brand equipment at a given time;
  • automatic bucket return to the previous position;
  • economical engine – fuel consumption of about 8 liters per hour;
  • The excavator boom arm may have a telescopic structure or consist of separate levers;
  • electromechanical system, leveling the angle of rotation of the bucket. It allows you to exclude the spilling of cargo when performing loading and unloading operations;
  • Three control options: EasyControl (automatic mode), Advanced EasyControl (semi-automatic mode) and manual control. This innovation allows you to control JCB 4CX even to a person with a minimum set of skills;

Technical Characteristics of JCB 4CX ECO:

Operating weight 8,578 kg
Bucket capacity 1.3 m3
Maximum digging depth 5.53m
Engine power 74.2 kW

The manufacturing quality of JCB 4CX backhoe

As market leaders, each backhoe operated by JCB is planned and developed with standards far superior to those of the competition.

In the case of the JCB 4CX, the process lasted three years and involved the most demanding tests imaginable, subjecting the machines to all possible situations, under all climatic conditions, even Arctic. (And the tests do not end there, each new JCB 4CX undergoes 600 performance checks on the production line.)

Before producing the 4CX, JCB thoroughly tested numerous pre-production prototypes, versions and models on test benches, vehicle labs and tracks. Extensive electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests are also carried out to ensure that signals from mobile phones and radios did not affect the machine in any way.

Hydraulic hoses have been approved to work in conditions of up to -40 ° C. In addition, all materials of JCB 4CX are tested at extreme temperatures and exposure to chemicals, salt, oil and sunlight to ensure maximum protection.

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Technical Specifications


Type of transmission change of force of speeds
Number of forward gears 4
Number of gears 4
Maximum forward speed 38.1 km / h
Maximum speed reverse 38.1 km / h


Shovel strength in deployed state 5375.5 kg
Load with maximum lift in the folded state 2046 kg
Load with maximum lift in a deployed state 1885 kg
Height of loads in a folded state 3840 mm
Load height in deployed state 4280 mm
Reach with high load in the folded state 2820 mm
Reach with high load in a deployed state 3750 mm
Depth of excavation in folded state 4320 mm
Depth of excavation in the deployed state 5530 mm
Reach from the articulated elbow in folded state 5400 mm
Shovel force in folded state 5375.5 kg


Maker JCB
Effective power 72.8 kW
Total power 74.6 kW
Displacement 4.4 l.
Power measured in 2200 RPM.
Moment of strength taken in 1300 RPM.
Moment of maximum net force 417 Nm
Aspiration Turbocharging


Type of pump open center system with double pumps and hydraulic consumption regulator
Pump capacity 81 l / min
Pressure of the regulating valve 25165.8 kPa


Fuel volume 160 l.
Fluid volume of the hydraulic system 132 l.
Fluid volume of the lubricating system 15 l.
Coolant system fluid volume 18.5 l.
Fluid volume of the transmission system 16 l.
Fluid volume of the front axle 16 l.
Rear-axle fluid volume 16 l.
Size of the front tires 2wd / 4wd 16.9×28 10PR Industrial
Size of the rear tires 2wd / 4wd 16.9×28 10PR Industrial
Operating voltage 12 V
Generator Amperage 95 amps


Transport length 5910 mm
Transport width 2360 mm
Height of the transport 3930 mm
Height to the top of the cabin 2880 mm
Wheel axle 2220 mm
Clearance on the ground 340 mm


Shovel volume 1.3 m3
Blade width 2235 mm
Shovel starting force 60.9 kN
Load capacity at full height 4628 kg
Clearance on the ground at maximum discharge lift 2690 mm
Scope in maximum discharge elevation 1210 mm
Excavation depth 140 mm

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