Rental of Construction Equipment Preferred by UAE Builders

Features of the modern construction industry dictate new working conditions for construction organizations and suppliers of special equipment. Strict deadlines for the delivery of facilities, stricter requirements for saving working capital force all subjects of the construction business to switch to modern forms of cooperation, one of which is the rental of special equipment.

The large projects executed in the construction of the region such as roads, buildings, bridges, aqueducts, residential, among others, have been executed with the help of the use of suitable heavy equipment.

We have at our disposal an extensive list of construction and special equipment for rent designed to solve various problems. Rental of special equipment in Dubai in our company include; modern grader, skid steer loader, truck crane, bulldozer, road roller, front loader, crawler and wheeled excavator, dump truck and other construction equipment.

We also offer solutions for contracting heavy machinery for construction, transportation and earthmoving. For more info or for a quote you can call us +971 55-141-2400

That is why today the industry demands the best heavy machinery for builders in the UAE to carry out their projects in the shortest possible time and with high quality. Given this, consumers of this type of equipment seek the best options in the market, where performance and efficiency are fundamental factors.

Regarding infrastructure projects, hydraulic excavators, front loaders, retro excavators, articulated trucks, graders, soil compactors, crushing plants, electric generators, heads, wagons, trailers, pavers, asphalt distributors, milling machines, road recuperators stand out. , sweepers and water tanks.

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In addition, there are concrete plants, asphalt plants, mixers, crawler-mounted excavator shovels, generally 35 to 90 tons of operating weight, off-road dump trucks, either articulated or rigid, with load capacities of 30 up to 60 tons, tractors mounted on crawlers, with powers of 300 to 450 hp, motor graders of 18 to 24 tons of operating weight, Vibro-compactors of soil, 10 to 16 tons of operating weight and water irrigation trucks.

Local entrepreneurs always seek the local support that is acquired, good technical support and the availability of spare parts that is also an important factor in the choice of heavy machinery. Transportation team is ready in providing heavy machinery rental services for all builders in the UAE.

Buy or rent? The eternal question

In the end, the decision to buy or rent rests on an analysis of two variables: costs and mechanical availability of the equipment in question.

As for the first option, the most important is the cost analysis for each hour worked or hourly cost. For example, in own equipment, the cost of operation is taken into account, which varies according to equipment brand, fuel, corrective repairs, preventive maintenance, tires, and undercarriage, cutting tool, and consumables; while the costs of possession vary according to purchase and negotiation, depreciation, insurance, and financial costs.

When the equipment is rented the influence of the rental cost and according to the provider the monthly rental cost varies, minimum hours included, the rental term and the fuel.

In the case of road projects, the opinion of the contractor who performs the work is also important because before defining the characteristics of the machinery to buy or rent, it is necessary that it defines the parameters that influence the general strategy of the same.

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Transportation Company puts at your disposal all the knowledge and experience at your disposal for the rental of any kind of heavy machinery, Do not hesitate to contact us!

Road Transport Services in Dubai

Road Transport Services in Dubai

One of the most popular ways to deliver goods is by road. The main advantages of this type of transportation are:

Affordability, high speed of delivery and high security for cargo.

Most of our customers prefer this particular type of transport for the transportation of almost all types of cargo. If you are looking for a reliable logistics partner, Transportation Company is always at your service!   +971 55-141-2400

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