Hire 60 Ton Liebherr Crane in Ras-Al-Khaimah, UAE

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The Liebherr truck crane with a carrying capacity of 60 tons has a high maneuverability. It can be used not only on city streets, but also on the road. Special equipment has a compact size that allows you to operate it in a limited space, for example, in urban construction sites in the UAE.

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It is made of high-quality components, durable and durable materials. Crane installation is able to operate in almost the entire range of heights. It is characterized by high accuracy of work, thanks to the debugged mechanism. The special equipment is used in those places where other equipment cannot carry out the assigned tasks.

Thanks to the powerful engine provided excellent driving performance. Automated control system is able to provide maximum comfort, and efficiency in the process of work. Today, rent of the truck crane of 60 tons is the favorable and the most suitable decision for building sites in Dubai. It is characterized by certain distinctive features.

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Liebherr 60 ton crane will provide minimal fuel consumption. This parameter was achieved due to the presence of a sufficiently large number of gears and increased grip efficiency. Special equipment has excellent maneuverability. It is characterized by a minimum slow speed. Wheel locking is automatically prevented, which provides ease of operation. The stroke slows down smoothly, as there is a unique braking system in the crane.

Due to its compactness, special equipment can function even on the smallest construction sites. Therefore, its rent is beneficial to those companies whose activities are carried out in such conditions. The service we provide is beneficial both economically and temporarily.

Using the Liebherr truck crane is absolutely safe, as it is equipped with systems that protect against tipping and overloading. A relatively short and narrow machine is stable, as it is equipped with a counterweight system. This is an indispensable technique that has a lot of advantages in working with large and bulky goods.

Its versatility is proven in practice. The truck crane of the German concern is suitable for operation in different economic branches. Today there is no need to independently purchase expensive equipment, as it can be rented.

Liebherr LTM 1060 Crane’s Specs:

Max. load capacity: 60 tons with a three-meter departure
Telescopic boom length: from 11.3 to 38 meters
Lattice extension of the main boom: from 9 to 16 meters
Chassis engine: six-cylinder diesel engine with a turbocharger from the company Liebherr
Crane Engine Power: 270 kW
Steering / Drive: 6 x 6 x 6
Driving speed: 80 km / h
The total weight of the counterweight: 12 tons
Transport weight: 36 tons
Arrow length: 42 m.
Gooseneck length: 18 m.

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