Types of forklifts and their uses: What type of forklift to rent in Sharjah

Frequently used in the industrial sector, forklifts transport various loads both in the factory and warehouse. These lifting and handling devices are available through a wide range of machines with very different characteristics, making it easy to transport goods but also to load and unload them.

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The forklift is one of the essential equipment for professionals operating in the industrial and construction sector. It is used to carry heavy and imposing loads. Many companies decide to proceed with the purchase of the machine. It is recommended for frequent use. They need to make the right choice to enjoy a high-performance cart that meets their needs. In addition, they must know the conditions of use of the device.

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For professionals, many criteria must be considered in order to find the type of forklift best suited to their field of activity and their needs. Depending on the use that will be made of forklifts, several elements must be studied to make the right choice and find the most suitable gear.

Among the selection criteria, technical, practical and environmental elements come into play.

It will be necessary to define whether the trolleys will be used for loading or for transport, whether they will be used outdoors or indoors, and what their average daily life will be. These different points will help to better define the profile of the devices sought.

The all-terrain, fast, and powerful forklift can be used easily on all surfaces. The reach truck shines with its solidity and versatility. The stacker is suitable for the repeated transport of loads between one and two tons.

The types of forklift to choose

The choice of forklift is to do according to many criteria, but the most important is its use. If the device is dedicated to, carrying out work of handling, stacking, loading and unloading inside, it is necessary to opt for an electric trolley. The machine is equipped with chargeable batteries. On the other hand, to carry out work of handling and transport on the ground, it is recommended to privilege the trolleys with diesel and gas.

When handling heavy loads at high heights, it is best to rent a telescopic forklift in Abu Dhabi. Featuring a long-range arrow, allows the user to complete the task with greater ease. For work on construction sites, the reach truck or the off-road model is preferred. Robust, powerful and versatile, these machines adapt to any type of roadway.

Note that there are trolleys dedicated to a specific use. Among others, the order picker, which allows the handling of a load of 2 tons, is mentioned. There is also the stacker used to treat medium loads in a restricted space. Finally, there is a pallet truck that meets the expectations of traders.

A machine is composed at the base of a wheeled trolley, a combustion or electric engine, a transmission system, a mast, a load-carrying deck, forks and a cabin sheltering the driver.

There are a large number of models, each with their own specificities that must be known before making their choice. It is particularly advisable to take into account the place of use and the weight of the loads handled.

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⇒ The electric cart

The electric truck adapts to all requirements while being reliable. Its universal use is ideal for order picking, loading and unloading of goods, stacking and supplying the production line.

It stands out for its high load capacity and low cost of use while ensuring maximum safety and comfort.

⇒ The diesel trolley

The diesel trolley is designed for outdoor handling work while ensuring the comfort of the driver. This reliable machine is powerful and robust thanks to the diesel engine which makes it possible to treat heavy loads at high height for optimal productivity.

It is suitable for all loading and unloading of goods as well as for horizontal transport and stacking.

⇒ The gas cart

The gas cart is suitable for handling low to heavy loads indoors. It is equipped with a thermal engine that offers a power equivalent to diesel with a lower production of polluting gas.

This economical machine supports loads at high height without altering the driver’s environment.

⇒ The LPG forklift

The LPG forklift is a machine whose engine is powered by liquefied petroleum gas or LPG. It offers the same characteristics as the gas forklift.

⇒ The telescopic wagon

The telescopic forklift is suitable for heavy and high loads. This self-propelled machine with a variable range is used to supply materials.

Its long-range boom makes it the ideal trolley for construction sites. It can have several attachments such as nacelles and shovels. Its telescopic mast consists of segments and can reach 20 meters in height.

⇒ The lateral trolley

The side cart is maneuverable and has the ability to move heavy loads next to the driver for better maneuverability.

Its lateral loading thus makes it possible to avoid the U-turns and is also suitable for the handling of long objects, facilitating the work of the driver. Nevertheless, the cantilever function limits the tolerable load and the one-sided stacking.

⇒ The reach truck

The reach truck offers the same functions as the off-road truck. Versatile, robust and fast, it adapts to all distances and intense use. Its forks are placed on a mobile axis, favoring its use in narrow aisles. It is suitable for handling and stacking with front or side lift.

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⇒ The order picker

The order picker is suitable for handling, stacking and lifting goods and has a load capacity of 2 tons.

Fast and comfortable to use, it is effective in the material optimization of product management, despite its limited adaptation to soils with a slope of less than 10%.

⇒ The stacker

The stacker is ideal for accessing narrow spaces and heavy use. It is suitable for handling medium loads at low height and stacking. It allows superimposing loads with regular shapes.

Like the order picker, the stacker sees its adaptation limited to a ground slope less than 10%.

⇒ The pallet truck

Designed for low handling and narrow spaces, the pallet truck is suitable for moving pallets at a reduced height. It is not suitable for stacking.

Easy to use, it can be manual, electric or semi-electric and is ideal for areas such as transportation or commerce. The pallet truck adapts to the needs of its user and can have long forks as well as the weighted option.

⇒ The all-terrain truck

The off-road forklift fits all terrains and distances. Robust, fast and versatile, it is suitable for indoor use and is capable of lifting loads up to 50 tons.

⇒ The multidirectional cart

The multi-directional carriage is suitable for narrow aisles for indoor or outdoor use in areas such as industry, distribution or construction with space and height storage constraints.

Its maneuver is optimal thanks to its multidirectional direction, reducing its energy expenditure and maintenance.

⇒ Tractor cart

The towing truck is non-elevating and is suitable for towing trucks or handling trailers.

He may be a walking conductor, or worn standing or sitting. It works with electric or thermal propulsion for speed of movement not exceeding 12 km / h.

⇒ The shopping cart

The shopping trolley ensures the internal and fast transport of loads. At a fixed and ergonomic level, it is useful for the preparation of orders. It is also suitable for storing and retrieving goods efficiently.

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