Forklift rental tips: Which forklift truck to choose in Dubai?

How to choose the suitable forklift truck?

When choosing the type of forklift truck, many doubts arise. Since it is an important expense for a company, it is convenient to assess various aspects. You can select the one that best suits your needs. In this article you will find the keys to be able to decide properly. We will use a series of questions as a guide.

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Before you start looking for rental forklifts in Dubai or talking to dealers, you need to determine exactly what you need to do the forklift. Here are some questions you should answer before you start comparing brands and prices…

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Are you going to use the forklifts for indoors or for the outdoors or both?

Of the four types of basic fuels available on forklifts: Petrol, diesel, electric battery and LPG, only the last two are suitable for indoor use. Gasoline and diesel engines produce toxic exhaust fumes and are not suitable for use in confined spaces. The surface of your workplace will also determine what types of forklift truck and what configuration you need.

Normally electric forklifts are designed to work on flat, dry and smooth surfaces. The thermal trucks are more flexible and can be used on flat surfaces or with irregularities, both indoors and outdoors. If your workplace has irregular and pending surfaces the best solution involves the use of diesel off-road forklifts.

How much maneuvering space does the forklift truck have?

It is a very important question that must be asked if the forklift will work in closed spaces and between corridors of shelves already built. This factor, together with the type of main work that the truck will carry out, will help you decide what type of configuration you need: counterbalanced, retractable or stacker?

How much do they weigh and what size are the typical loads that you will have to manipulate?

One of the most important questions to ask is what is the maximum weight that must be transported and lifted with the forklift. Do not pay more for having a forklift that will underutilize because it will never work with a range of weights that justifies the difference between one capacity and another load. The load capacity will also influence the type of fuel for the forklift. As a general rule, for loads higher than 2,000 kg. the use of thermal forklifts is recommended.

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How high should you lift the load?

Another important issue has to do with the maximum work height. What is the maximum height at which you should raise goods? Can you in the near future need to increase the height of your warehouse? Also do not forget the dimensions of doors, ceilings, containers, shelves, … for which you should be able to pass the forklift.

How many hours a day will the forklift works?

How much use of the forklift is achieved, greatly affects the age and type of fuel of the machine that is recommended. If you are going to use a forklift less than 4 hours a day, it is recommended to consider a second hand reconditioned forklift. Here you can save 50% or more on the initial investment.

For more than 4 hours a day new forklifts or leased trucks can be cheaper once maintenance and repairs are taken into account. If you need a forklift to run all day, every day after LPG is usually the Best choice as empty bottles can be changed quickly.

Rent or buy a forklift truck ? New or used?

  • The type of forklift you need, the budget you have and the type of use that you will be given are factors that must be taken into account when deciding.
  • There are forklifts that require a large outlay that can be rented for a fraction of the price.
  • If you are going to make heavy use of your forklift trucks, renting is a very interesting option because it avoids the initial disbursement of the truck and reduces the maintenance and conservation costs since they are included in most rental / leasing agreements.
  • In the market you will find an important number of used forklifts of all types with a significant price saving compared to a new equipment. But beware, also consider the age of the machine, the hours of use, ease of getting spare parts and technical service….
  • New forklifts are more expensive but require less maintenance and are generally more reliable than older equipment. They also have the advantage of the concession guarantee that is attractive to some buyers.
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How many hours a day will the forklift works?

Maybe this question helps you make a decision. If you are going to use a forklift less than 4 hours a day, consider buying a used forklift. You can save 50% or more on the investment in a new forklift. If your forklift should work more than 4 hours a day, a new machine or more economical in the medium term, also take into account its maintenance and repairs.

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