Factors and tips affecting the price of heavy equipment in UAE

The final value of any heavy equipment can be influenced by a variety of factors which must be considered in order to make a satisfactory purchase. Among them are recognized at least 5 main points that will be mentioned below:

1. General condition: Some vehicles are operated without following the manufacturer’s recommendations, which in combination with bad practices and a poor maintenance scheme can cause significant damage to various parts of the equipment, which directly affects its final value. Conducting an inspection before proceeding with the purchase allows to evaluate if it will be necessary to invest in repairs.

2. Year of manufacture: Any vehicle acquires a natural depreciation in relation to the years that have elapsed since its manufacture. Before making a purchase it is advisable to make sure that the year of manufacture provided by the seller is correct, this can be done after consulting with the manufacturer the serial number (SN) or product identification number (PIN) and that can be differentiated into the external plates of the equipment generally under a scheme of 17 characters.

3. Vehicle brand: There are more than 100 companies that develop the same type of vehicle (Excavators, backhoes, etc.) and among them Caterpillar, Deere, Case, Hitachi, Komatsu and Volvo have a greater presence in the market compared to other brands less representative, this translates into a slightly higher price, since the consumer associates the manufacturing company as synonymous with trust.

4. Demand in the market and specificity: Caterpillar in its series 320 that includes excavators is an example of highly demanded vehicles and with a higher residual value compared to other equipment of the same brand, acquiring machines of this type can represent a significant but safe investment since the prices vary slightly after considerable periods of time, on the contrary, in highly specific machines there are price fluctuations with greater frequency.

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5. Reputation of the seller: You can find in the market two specific types of vehicles with the same year of manufacture at significantly different prices, this inequality in the cost can be due to any of the points mentioned above or to the reputation of the person who puts the sale the team.

Renowned companies employ highly skilled labor to carry out regular inspections of their vehicles and, if any repair is required, they use original spare parts provided by the manufacturer, which positively influences the final price of the machinery.

At Transportation our goal is to provide you with products in excellent condition of the most recognized brands worldwide, each vehicle in our catalog has been carefully selected and reviewed by expert hands, contact us for any query that you may have.

6 Tips for buying heavy equipment in Dubai

Acquiring heavy machinery for your work or fleet of vehicles offer a series of advantages in the economic plane in comparison to the acquisition of a new equipment, however in many occasions the incorrect selection of a vehicle will suppress these positive points.

Before proceeding with the purchase of heavy machinery consider the following series of tips that are intended to maximize the benefits of your investment and decrease potential financial risks.

1. Establish the reality of your company: Analyze in depth the needs of your company based on the new equipment you are about to acquire and the improvements it represents in your fleet of vehicles. The critical points are focused on the increase in productivity, the specific need of a team and the technological advantage it represents compared to the competition.

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2. Contact an expert: External points of view will provide a step of support to correctly select heavy equipment, one of the most common is linked to inspections. Make sure that the staff analyzes the equipment for faults that require repairs and establishes them within their budget.

3. Check your options: There are multiple suppliers of heavy machinery that will have the specific model that the fleet of vehicles requires, in addition to the established price assess the reputation of the company, its after-sales services, certifications, guarantees, references, vehicle distance to move, shipping options, cost required by transport, etc.

4. Vehicle technology: The market for heavy equipment in the UAE is constantly changing, sometimes the same vehicle model from a different year of manufacture will have different specifications that have a final influence on energy consumption and the amount of emissions, In some countries, the level of emissions control and environmental impact is especially important for the equipment to comply with current government regulations.

5. Age of the vehicle and hours of use: The year of manufacture of each vehicle directly affects the final price, when comparing two vehicles of the same model with years of different manufacture, you can verify that there is a variation in more than $5,000 thousand dollars, besides another point of importance to verify is the amount of hours used since a high or very low number of these affects the final price.

6. Financing option: Once you have selected, analyzed, inspected and established the potential advantages of acquiring the ideal equipment for the fleet, verify that your heavy machinery supplier has options or financing plans that are needed.

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At Transportation we put at your disposal an extensive catalog of products related to construction that have been inspected by specialized personnel, in addition we have attractive financing plans. You can contact us for a quote.

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