Quick coupling systems for excavators

The productivity of the machinery is linked to the conditions of the vehicle, the work environment, operation and other factors as tools or implemented in it.

The quick couplers are attachments for excavation vehicles for quick change of the implements of a machine in a matter of seconds (30 or less), thanks to which they allow to connect and disconnect hoses under pressure. This could be interpreted as a significant increase in the productivity and versatility of the excavator if the advantages and disadvantages of its use are fully analyzed.

The most common quick couplers on the market are divided into two types: specialized hook and clamp.

Special hook type quick couplers:


  • The weight of the coupler is considered minimal and does not affect the mobility of the tools that are incorporated into the machine.
  • It maintains a tip radius of the constant bucket, which translates into folding and arm forces equal to those of a vehicle without a quick coupler.
  • The loading capacity of service ladles is maintained.


  • Requires special service ladles.
  • Classic pin-type buckets can not be used.
  • Requires from a previous analysis to its incorporation in the machine.
  • Do not use buckets that exceed the capacity of the machine.

Quick clamp type couplers:


  • It is possible to use ladles of standard type with pin.
  • It will not be necessary to acquire extra accessories that fit the system.


  • It reduces the forces of the bucket, which could compromise its performance.
  • Its weight is considerable which decreases the bucket’s payload capacity.
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Either of the two configurations for quick coupling should be studied to be applied in the work scenario of your choice.

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