How much does it cost to rent an excavator in the UAE?

Excavator is one of the most important construction machinery in engineering construction works. The most important three parameters of the excavator are operating weight (quality), engine power and bucket capacity. Excavators, highlighted by their power and operation on-site, are one of the most requested construction equipment in the industry. The cost of renting an excavator in the UAE can vary, depending on the use that is going to be given, the location, the power of the equipment, its size, the brand of the equipment, its year of seniority and whether it includes an operator or not.

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It is usually the cost of excavator rental in Dubai is estimated in value/hour, the greater number of hours on the work, the owner is willing to give a discount on the price per hour. The days are usually considered for a minimum of 8 hours a day since renting for less time can result in high-cost losses in transportation that must be borne by the person who needs to rent the excavator in the emirates.

Applications such as mining and quarry work increase the cost per hour of an excavator, since it generates greater wear on the machine and exerts more pressure on it, having to work in heavy and extra heavy conditions.

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In general, the excavator heavy machines are not rented without an operator, since the owner prefers to protect his equipment against a bad maneuver that can be performed by an inexperienced operator or that does not know the operation of the equipment. The cost of the operator is usually included in the rental service, as well as the cost of fuel.

Experienced contractors know that it is a good investment to rent an excavator in the UAE as long as it is in optimal conditions. Many times it is preferred to rent older equipment because the cost per hour of this equipment is lower than that of a newer machine, but what is saved in value/hour may be sacrificed in production and efficiency.

The cost of renting a 320 excavator currently ranges between 40 and 50 dollars worth including operator and fuel. Currently there is a very interesting offer of this type of equipment, distributed throughout the country.

At, one of the best heavy equipment website designed to find rental equipment in Dubai, and the other emirates of the UAE. There are more than 100 rental excavator units registered, all in different areas of the country, available to work and be rented. On the site, you can sort the equipment by price, to find the best offer.

Also, you can find more specific equipment, such as a mini-excavator, excavator with extensible boom and accessories such as a hydraulic hammer. The use of accessories is usually not included in the cost, so if they are required, the budget should be added as an additional item, which is also expressed in cost/time.

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    We are involved in a construction work in Deira.I would like to know the rate of excavator and dumper along with operator and diesel charges.
    Actually we need to excavate an volume of about 6240 m3.please make it as soon as possible.

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