Tips for choosing the right tires for your heavy machinery

The first time you buy an excavator for your business, you probably do not think about the eventuality of buying tires. However, as with trucks or other vehicles that your company may have, tires for construction machinery wear out for daily use, which requires an important purchase in size and cost.

Choosing the right tires for your excavator can actually reduce operating costs and increase the operating time of the machine. As with passenger car tires, there are no two types of tires for construction machinery the same. Nowadays you can find a wide range of technological improvements in tire designs for heavy equipment in relation to those that were sold in previous years.

Here is a brief guide to help you select the tires of your heavy equipment:


XZY3 Pre-Mold:

These tires use two rubber compounds co-extruded in composition and have a high resistance, the thick footprints have anti-cut and antiastilla properties. Its prints are made in a laminated way and in several thicknesses.


This tire is designed for rigid dump trucks and has up to 20% more footprint for less wear and durability, plus a thicker footprint to better support cuts and impact. This tire also runs cold thanks to the design that circulates the air through the footprint.



With a less aggressive footprint design than its similar E-4, this model runs smoother and faster than similar tires with more aggressive footprint designs used for high traction.

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The company has also designed a better interface between the tire and the wheel with its accelerated gear technology (ACT) rim designs, which helps minimize downtime during tire changes.

007 MTF:

This model now has a larger version, the 46/90 model to accommodate load capacities of the Cat 793. As the trucks have become heavier, the tires have had to keep up, and this model is a little bigger does just that, with more load capacity.



Designed for mining operations, this tire has exceptional service life, traction and strength. Its construction has different compounds to adapt to many conditions and applications. Deep, non-directional patterns improve the life of the footprint.


HDC1 (heavy drive construction) and HSC1 (heavy steer construction): manufactured with long-chain polymers, the rims of these models are resistant to chips, cuts and cracks, while exhibiting greater durability. Since by increasing the strength of the belt, it also protects the tire cover.

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