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We welcome you to the official website of our Company. We provide special equipment services for construction, land improvement, and other kind of transportation. On the pages of our site you can find the technical specifications of the equipment and the terms of its lease. If you can’t find the answer to your question on the site, just Call +971 55-141-2400 or request a call back, indicating your question in the comments below.

Given the growing need of customers and companies to optimize their costs and reduce the downtime of their equipment, the leasing of short and long-term machinery in the UAE has become the best alternative to maximize the efficiency of their resources.

We have an extensive inventory of heavy-duty machinery and equipment, support and transportation in optimal conditions, available for rent in engineering works in the petrochemical and construction industries.

We offer solutions for rental of equipment for different industries: construction in general, mining, power generation, among others. The rental teams have the technical support infrastructure, which will guarantee our customers optimum performance indicators of the equipment, for the efficient development of their projects.

We have a large inventory of diverse equipment for rent. From concrete saws to heavy Cat construction equipment among other leading brands in its category, to meet all your needs.

Make an inquiry or contact us to discuss your requirements as soon as possible.

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Browse our Blog Section for some useful tips!

Browse our Blog Section for some useful tips!

In the “blog section” of our catalog, you can read useful tips on choosing special equipment, the features of some types of construction works, for example, “What will be the steps to hire heavy equipment in Dubai?” OR “Types of Tower Cranes in the UAE: How to choose the most appropriate”.


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