What will be the steps to hire heavy equipment in Dubai?

The rental of construction machinery is not far from other rental contracts; however, we must take into account certain particular considerations that affect the rental of construction equipment in a concrete manner.  These are some tips so that the rental of construction tools and machinery is carried out in a legal manner and satisfies both parties.

We must distinguish between the manufacturer and the company that rents, which are not always the same, so in addition to the recommendations of the company that rents us the machinery; we must also take into account the manufacturer’s recommendations.  Nobody better than the manufacturing company can make a diagnosis of the use of this type of tool, read the modes of use, and especially the qualification and permits, in this way we minimize the risks, in addition to using each tool for its exact function.

  • It is necessary to carry out an adequate maintenance work, this is especially recommended in the rental of heavy machinery, because they are usually machines with a large number of components that must work perfectly. In order for maintenance to be carried out properly each tool must be used by trained personnel, capable of handling the controls with total confidence.
  • Something that is outside the rent as such, but that is fundamental for its use, is the use of signs and safety material. The safety conditions for handling machinery and tools must be clear and followed at all times.  The circulation areas of works must be fully defined and of course be equipped to handle rental machinery, also the areas annexed to the work area.
  • Normally the rental of construction machinery is usually carried out to carry out work of maximum demand, which makes it necessary to have quality tools. That is why we offer platforms and scaffolding for quality with which to work safely and efficiently. To ensure the quality of a construction team nothing better than knowing their characteristics and compare them with other similar tools.
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So these were some tips to follow for the rental of heavy machinery in the UAE, basic rules so that security is required and to develop effective jobs.  If you have any questions or suggestions about heavy equipment you can contact us anytime.

We rent out the high-brand backhoes, excavators, earthmoving machines, cranes, forklifts, compaction plates, rollers, demolition hammers and others.

We are a new company in the market that is advancing by leaps and bounds, working with public and private companies such as:

– Construction, schools, financial institutions, hospitals, among others.

During this short time, we have consolidated as a company capable of meeting the expectations and needs of our customers, providing them with the necessary heavy machines according to their requirements.

We have modern equipment and recognized brands as well as their constant maintenance of each of them in order to provide good service. Proof of our responsible performance is to be able to offer the construction professional our teams of brands such as: Dewalt, Dynamic, Bosch, Yamaha, Honda, Hiab, Botcat, and Caterpillar.

Rental of heavy machinery include: backhoe loader, wheel loaders, cranes, hoists, compaction plates, rollers, demolition hammers and others, civil and electrical works.

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