FAQs-Frequently asked questions about renting machinery in UAE

As a manager or site owner, there are questions you may have regarding the rental of construction and heavy equipment. Renting a machine is not always easy and requires that you receive good advice to ensure that you get the best value and quality of service at the lowest price.

We have compiled the following questions that you should ask yourself before starting with an equipment rental in the UAE.

What information do I need to rent a machinery in UAE?

To rent one or more equipment, you need to be clear:

  • The types of equipment you need.
  • The amount of time you will require them.
  • If you have your own operator or if you need to hire one.
  • The size of the terrain in which you will work.
  • Additional details on the ground such as: type of terrain and material to be removed, depth at which the excavation must be carried out, impediments to perform the maneuver such as electrical wiring, entrance door.

How to calculate the number of hours that a team will be required?

Usually it can be calculated based on the extent of the terrain, its conditions and of course, the performance of the machine. The performance is measured according to the power of the equipment, its load capacity and the ability of the operator to perform the maneuvers effectively.

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The owner can tell you based on his experience with his team, how much work performance can be.

Who assumes the transport of the equipment?

In general, if the rent is less than 1 month, the person requesting the equipment must pay the round trip cost of all the equipment for rent. If the rent exceeds this time, the custom in our market is that the hirer pays the outbound transport and the owner assumes the return transport.

Who assumes the operator and the logistics of fuel, food and lodging?

The owner usually rents the equipment with his operator included, therefore, the value of his salary is included within the budget value of the machine. Fuel is another negotiable variable that, depending on the business, must be agreed by who assumes it, whether the owner or the renter.

An expense that must be budgeted is the value of food and lodging of the operator and his assistant, since it is usually the hirer who runs the expense.

In case the equipment is damaged, what should I do?

Immediately notify the owner, who will be responsible for determining the seriousness of the damage, if the equipment after repair can continue to operate or if, rather, must be replaced in its entirety. The hirer should not be in charge of modifying the operation of the machine, because it can cause more serious damages that can impede the regular operation of the equipment and cause additional expenses for the owner.

How does the price vary between one machine and another?

The value of a piece of equipment may vary according to the working conditions, if it includes the value of the operator and the fuel and also in the age of the equipment. An older machine has the hourly value less than its newest pair; however, the production of how much the equipment yields can be affected.

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