Common failures and their solutions in equipment engines

There are a number of common errors in light and heavy equipment that can be associated with a large number of possible causes, among which those related to the engine are usually the most frequent.

Below are the most common faults or errors associated with engine starting and possible solutions, you can use this list as a reference, but it does not represent a diagnosis of the vehicle.

1. Error: The motor turns but doesn’t start.

Possible cause Possible solution
The fuel ran out Fill the fuel tank and purge the air
Wrong fuel Check the requirements of the machine based on the fuel and use the correct type
The fuel filter is clogged Clean the inlet screen, change the fuel filter and purge the air
Batteries of the exhausted vehicle Charge the batteries or install new ones
Wrong engine oil Check the oil used and use the one recommended by the manufacturer.
If the engine turns slowly Check the electrical connections, check the status of the connections to the batteries and the starter.

2. Error: The motor stops suddenly or works irregularly

Possible cause Possible solution
Clogged air filters Proceed to clean the air filter or replace it.
Clogged fuel filters Clean the inlet screen, change the fuel filter and purge the air
There is air in the fuel system Properly purge the air from the system
Fuel contamination Proceed to empty the tank, change the water separator and add clean fuel.

3. Error: The motor does not turn

Possible cause Possible solution
Battery discharged or with little charge. Replace or charge the battery.
Loose connection of the battery or corrosion. Proceed to clean the battery connections or connect the electrical circuit properly.
Faulty fuses Check the condition of the fuses.

There are other common faults such as high fuel consumption, lack of power, etc. Depending on the complexity of the error it will be necessary to consult with the authorized dealer.

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