Crawler vs Mobile crane: Which hoist you NEED to hire?

In the construction industry, there is no way to do without special equipment, especially when it comes to large-scale buildings. One of the most popular types of equipment, which is an indispensable assistant for people during the construction of new buildings in the UAE, is cranes.

Cranes are different, these giant machines differ from each other in design features. Depending on the type of work, type of soil, the availability of free space on the construction site and other factors, the necessary crane is selected. As you know, in situations where wheeled vehicles are unable to drive, tracked vehicles are widely used.

Here are typical cases for the use of equipment on caterpillar tracks: hilly terrain, off-road, weak soils, snow. Therefore, it is often necessary to rent a crawler crane. In this article, we will talk specifically about this kind of lifting equipment, namely, about the features of modern crawler cranes and mobile cranes.

Wheel cranes, their features and differences from crawler cranes

Among mobile cranes, as a rule, wheeled and tracked models are distinguished. Not all wheeled models can be attributed to truck cranes, wheeled truck cranes are jib cranes based on the chassis of trucks.

Wheel Crane Features

First of all, it is worth noting the very high mobility of the wheeled models. This is the most maneuverable technique, which – especially truck cranes – can independently, that is, without the use of other machines and devices, arrive at the place of work.

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As a rule, this is a technique of small and medium capacity.

These are compact in size devices that are often used for urban construction and repair work.

Thanks to the high cross-country wheels, these machines can be operated even where favorable conditions for moving equipment are not created.

Features of crawler cranes

Crawler cranes are those models that have caterpillar travel instead of wheels. They combine quite good mobility and high carrying capacity. In some cases, they can replace a tower crane, however, as a rule, they need to be delivered to the construction site using other machines, since they cannot be moved around the city on caterpillar tracks.

Our crawler cranes stand out for their load capacities of up to 3000 tons, as well as for their great height under hook and their wide reach. Variable boom systems extend their range of application.

But in off-road conditions, which is often observed in the field of construction, such models are simply irreplaceable. They do not get stuck in the mud and are able to move on the most unfavorable surfaces.

This is a reliable technique that can work at low temperatures and almost never fails.

What is the application of crawler cranes?

Application of crawler crane in a construction site

Crawler cranes are used for heavy applications in extreme conditions. These cranes are used for heavy lifting jobs with large assemblies in works at height or in the construction of wind power installations. The design of the SENNEBOGEN cranes offers numerous advantages for the user and the driver:

  • Maximum load of up to 300 tons
  • Safe machine travel with up to 90% of maximum load
  • Simple self-assembly and cost-effective transportation
  • They need little space thanks to their compact dimensions
  • Wide lifting work area in terms of height and reach with the variable arm with lattice mast (eg rocker tip)
  • Safe lifting work in difficult terrain conditions
  • Up to 150 m high under hook with maximum arm length
  • The powerful diesel engine on the rotating superstructure of the crawler crane
  • Comfortable cab with intuitive machine control and operation for the crawler driver
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Overview of all models

Model Max load h max low hook main pen h max low jib hook Motor power Lathe
SENNEBOGEN 1100 50 t 50 m 129 kW 120 kN
Crawler Crane 2200 80 t 59.7 m 186 kW 120 kN
3300 Crawler Crane 125 t 70/76 m 93 m 186 kW 160 kN
SENNEBOGEN 4400 130 t 70/81 m 98 m 186 kW 160 kN
Crawler Crane 5500 180-200 t 76/81 m 104 m 261 kW 160 kN
7700 crawler crane 300 t 92/114 m 154 m 313 kW 200 kN

Did you know …

How does a crawler crane work?

Mobile crawler cranes travel on tracks, similar to a crawler tractor. However, due to their great weight, these machines move quite slowly.

They are available with a telescopic arm, which is easy to extend with the use of hydraulics, which must be mounted manually by adding multiple sections.

Typically, the crane is driven by a motor and controlled by two or more cable-operated drums.

How is it transported?

To travel on the normal road, the crane places its own tracks plus a part of the ballast on a trailer, after which the crane has completely dismantled automatically for transport with a low semi-loader.

This disassembly method ensures that the crane is ready for transport in just 1.5 hours, with only 2 trucks required.

Simply portable
All Demag crawler cranes are designed so that they can be quickly disassembled into easily transportable components. This also applies to the boom systems – these can be pushed into one another for transport so that several elements can be stored on a truck in a cost-saving manner.

Advantages of wheeled cranes over crawler models

It cannot be argued that wheeled models are definitely better than tracked ones: it all depends on the situation, needs, and tasks that need to be addressed.

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However, when it comes to urban or suburban low-rise construction, in most cases using wheeled truck cranes is much more profitable than all other models.

  • The equipment itself will reach the construction site.
  • For independent transportation and for transportation by rail, if necessary, it is not necessary to disassemble the machine (whereas caterpillar cranes often need to be disassembled due to their large size and heavyweight).
  • To solve the above problems in the vast majority of cases, a truck crane capacity is enough.
  • Additional stability and high load capacity are provided by outriggers built into the machine.
  • Renting such equipment is not so expensive, that is, you can save.

Heavy-duty overhead cranes

Bridge cranes can also be attributed to a kind of wheeled cranes, although this is a separate category of technology. Such cranes are characterized by a very high lifting capacity, consist of a bridge and a trolley, equipped with running wheels. Such models are limited in mobility and are very large, although thanks to the wheels, the crane can be moved over short distances along with the construction site.

Our company specializes in renting special equipment. This is a rental of a crawler crane, aerial platform rental, a backhoe loader, a low loader rental, a concrete pump rental, a truck crane rental, as well as rental of other construction and road equipment. Various cranes are in special demand in the UAE rental market: truck cranes, tower cranes and crawler cranes. Modern construction is impossible without cranes; no construction is complete without this very common type of equipment.

If you need to rent a crane, rent aerial platforms, rent a backhoe loader, rent a low loader and other equipment – contact us, we are always happy to help.

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