Crane rental and its different uses in the UAE

The work related to the transport of goods and the lifting of loads must be carried out with the greatest security, to achieve this it is necessary to have adequate material. Among our vehicles, we offer specific crane trucks for transporting goods, cranes for transporting machinery, self-loading trucks, different models of the truck crane in Dubai, transport in the gondola and self-propelled cranes so you can work with the greatest comfort, container trucks and lifts for lifting loads.

We are dedicated to the rental of crane trucks in the UAE, as an organization with great experience in the cargo, transport and goods lifting sector. Based on the firm purpose of fully satisfying the demands of our customers, we currently have an extensive fleet of rental crane trucks that allows us to meet the needs of the current market. For crane hire you can contact us   +971 55-141-2400

The main activity of our company is the rental with operator of mobile cranes and truck crane, with a fleet composed of a wide range of modern equipment from the best brands and models on the market (telescopic all-terrain and industrial cranes, lattice cranes on chains and on tires, conventional crane trucks, all-terrain, tractor trucks with crane, etc.), which allows us to offer our customers the best option for every need.

All-terrain crane trucks, gondolas, trailers, or trailers-crane, are part of the varied fleet of vehicles for hire, which together with a highly qualified and experienced human team, enables us to perform with confidence the jobs that require great skill and experience.

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Our cranes are of the top brands. We have practically all the models of said manufacturer with cranes from 10 to 33 meters of boom on truck and capacities of real loads from 1 TM to 20 TM. Mounted on different types of trucks, trailers and tractor trucks, which adapt to the needs of each maneuver that our customers need to perform, depending on space limitations, dimensions and load weights to handle, work radios, etc.

In our truck crane service we have specialized work equipment in movement of heavy machinery in the industrial area, which together with mechanical means (tanks, hydraulic jacks, seesaws, miniguns, gantries, etc …) are able to solve any maneuver that requires great precision in the handling of heavy loads in small or inaccessible spaces.

Thanks to the advanced means at our disposal, to the maintenance and continuous control of all our machinery and our strict quality policy, we can present to the customer the reliable and timely efficient service that undoubtedly deserves, always understanding that your trust requires our strictest commitment.

If you are interested in the rental of crane trucks in UAE, do not hesitate in contacting us.

The different uses of cranes

  • The different models of crane trucks that we have available for rent can carry out a wide range of services. In addition, their equipment and accessories allow them to meet any objective.
  • They can provide service in works, doing shuttering and demolding, stacking materials and transporting materials. Other applications can be the concreting in pillars and walls, using a cube of 1/2 cubic meter. Some truck crane models have the capacity to introduce goods at a horizontal distance of 9 meters, as well as, exceeding a maximum vertical height of 16 meters.
  • Some models have ADC System, which allows increasing the maximum power capacity of the crane by 10% in limited situations, increasing the load capacity, and reducing the movement speed of the crane in delicate jobs.
  • In addition to radio control with Bluetooth which avoids interference between the transmitter and receiver of the radio control, when working in situations with inhibitors of nearby frequencies like in (official agencies, police stations, etc).
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If you need a crane rental service in Dubai trust us, in our catalog of machinery for lifting loads and freight you will find all kinds of solutions, adapted to each of the jobs you need, including cranes for transporting machinery.

Our vehicles are prepared to perform different jobs for both professional and private tasks, a fleet renewed to offer our customers the best services.

If you are going to carry out work lifting loads or transporting goods and you need a crane rental service in Dubai or in the UAE, contact us and protect your merchandise, we are ready to help you in all your projects.

We provide crane rental, access equipment and Transport solutions in the United Arab Emirates.

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