Crane Rental: Best parameters to choose the right size crane

How do you choose a crane?

Not a single construction work can be completed without using cranes and other special machinery. Nowadays, the construction of buildings in the UAE, can not be completed without the services of lifting equipment rental and hoists.

When it is necessary to order a mobile crane in the UAE, people, as a rule, make the same mistakes. As a result: either the lifting equipment can not perform the required work, or it is necessary to overpay for excess capacity, or the delivery of the truck crane is expensive. We wrote this article in order to make your choice of special equipment rental more economical and optimal.

To rent a mobile crane in Dubai and not make a mistake, it is necessary, first of all, to evaluate several parameters that the rented special equipment must meet:

Before renting a special construction equipment, for best results you should pay attention to the following parameters and characteristics:

  • Carrying capacity;
  • Maximum turning moment;
  • The speed of lowering the load. Measured in meters per minute;
  • Lifting height indicator;
  • The height and angle of the boom;
  • How fast is the vehicle moving;
  • Dimensions of the vehicle.
  • Cargo weight – determines the lifting capacity of the hoist
  • Lifting height – also determines the required lifting capacity and crane arm length
  • Cargo transfer distance – it determines the required reach of the crane jib
  • The listed characteristics determine the cargo-height characteristic – a diagram showing the maximum weight of the load that the lifting equipment can hold, taking into account the height of the lift and the boom.

maximum weight of the load that the crane can hold
It should be remembered about the dimensions and material of the manufacture of the cargo. Bulk loads are more difficult to fasten with slings, and if the load with a large mass is also fragile, then you will need to use struts (traverses), on top of which a strapping will be done.

We must not forget about the site where the work will be carried out – soft soil, surface slope, the presence of structures that interfere with the operation of the hoist should be taken into account, otherwise, the task will be disrupted.

Lack of proper planning and calculation can lead not only to loss of time, money but also to human losses, therefore, the calculation of lifting work should be trusted only to professionals – engineers with the appropriate qualifications. Such specialists are obligatory included in the staff of large companies involved in the provision of cranes for rent. So Thus, the choice of special equipment does not come down to choosing a crane of a particular model but choosing the most competent contractor, the lessor of cranes, who will be able to take into account all the nuances when performing the task.

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In addition, you should pay attention to such a parameter as a boom. There are models of special equipment in which a telescopic boom is provided, and there are models with an extension cord (gib). It is necessary to select an option that will be suitable according to the method of work. The first version of the boom departure allows the transport to remain very maneuverable and at the same time, the hoist is not so overall.

Also, pay attention to the length of the boom itself. For example, special vehicles with a lifting capacity of up to 60 tons have a telescopic boom for five sections. When unfolded, it reaches 40 meters. Due to the strength of the metal, this design is reliable. To increase the length, you can use the attached gulek, the length of which is different, but most often not less than 7 meters.

An essential technical parameter of a crane is its load capacity.

A common mistake made by everyone who rents a mobile crane for the first time is the assumption: if the machine has a lifting capacity of 10 tons and a boom length of 15 m, it means that a load of 10 tons can be lifted and moved to a distance of 15 m by one movement of the crane’s boom. This is actually not the case. For all mobile cranes, the manufacturer has set the permissible loads for different boom outreach and there are load-bearing schedules that are not very easy to understand. We suggest you use the calculation of the required truck crane capacity. This calculation will help you figure out what kind and size of mobile crane to rent.

The required load capacity is always associated with the scheme of the possible placement of a hoist relative to the load. It happens that lifting machinery cannot approach the place of unloading of cargo closer than a certain distance (fig 1), but it happens that a crane, by turning the tower, shifts the cargo at two maximum distances, which are provided for by technical specifications (fig 2).

For example:

1) cargo on pallets, weighing 1.5 tons per pallet, must be unloaded from the car and delivered at a distance of 24 m from the railway tracks. Lifting equipment is located between the wagon and the unloading place. We get that to carry out such work, special equipment with a lifting capacity of 10 tons is enough.

2) a slab weighing 3 tons should be fed to the base of the building under construction at a distance of 10 m from the truck crane. A hoist is not closer than 10 m to the place of packing, cannot be driven up for objective reasons. We get that to perform this work we need a mobile crane with a lifting capacity of 15 tons. Since there are cranes with a lifting capacity of 10t, 14t, 16t, etc., we select to rent lifting machinery with a lifting capacity of 16t.

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The height at which the load can be lifted depends not only on the length of the boom of the mobile crane but also on the length of the lifting device.

When assessing the lifting height, one should not forget that the load is lifted with the help of a lifting device, it also has its own length, and the possible height of the load is accordingly reduced by this length. For example, the “spider crane”, with which most goods are lifted, has a length of at least 1 m. The length of the lifting device depends on the dimensions of the load. The larger the dimensions of the load, the larger the load gripping device will be required to lift it.

The greater the lifting capacity of the crane and the longer its boom, the more expensive it is the hour of its operation. Therefore, in order to save on the cost of renting a mobile crane, it may be more profitable to unload the cargo with a truck crane of lower carrying capacity, while he will make two or three movements of the cargo instead of one.

Best criteria for choosing the optimal model of lifting Equipment

In order for rented lifting equipment to bring maximum operational benefits at the facility, you should choose the right model of lifting equipment. Three of its parameters are immediately determining:

  • dimensions;
  • departure of an arrow;
  • maximum load capacity.

criteria for choosing the right size of lifting equipment

– Each construction site has its own opportunities in terms of free space. Therefore, when choosing special equipment, it is necessary to take into account its dimensions. Space should be sufficient not only for lifting and loading operations but also for the unimpeded movement of the hoist within the facility.

– The permissible carrying capacity of the equipment is an important parameter that affects not only the speed of the equipment but also the safety of its operation as a whole. Proper rental of lifting machinery of 25 tons implies that the lifted weight of the goods will not exceed the limit under any conditions.

– Neglecting the rule may entail breaking the hook with a risk to the health and life of those present at the construction site. If the mass of materials that will have to be lifted using special equipment is not precisely known, it is worth giving preference to models with extremely high payloads.

– The maximum boom reach is a parameter that determines the effectiveness of the mobile crane within the site. The higher its value, the better, since the lack of boom length can hardly be compensated in construction.

– By renting a truck crane with optimal operational characteristics, each client can count on reducing the time for construction operations. Special equipment is indispensable for the installation of floor slabs, beams, lifting pallets with consumables, etc. This transport has good mobility. Therefore, one crane can be rented in order to perform work on several objects at once.

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How much does it cost to rent a crane?

The cheapest on the market of mobile crane services in Dubai are mobile cranes. The rental cost of these cranes depend on the amount of work.

A crane machine with a lifting capacity of 10 tons can move a load, for example, of 7 tons, to any distance, only it will have to carry out this work with more permutations than a mobile crane with a lifting capacity of 25 tons. One rearrangement of a hoist takes no more than 2-3 minutes, and if a cargo sling is not too laborious, then definitely it is not worth overpaying for renting truck cranes with higher carrying capacity.

You can go to the selection of crane rental Dubai by clicking on this link, or place an order for a crane rental service by calling us on the phone +971 55-141-2400, or by filling out this form – we will get back to you within 15 minutes!

The site of special equipment where you rent a mobile crane should be located not far from the place of work.

If you rent special equipment, which is located at the other end of the city, you will have to pay for all the fuel consumption for the journey to the place of work and back. Maybe you will not be separately allocated a fee for the supply of equipment, but it will undoubtedly be included in the cost of the work. Bargaining for discounts on special equipment services will be very difficult if you are far away.

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If you need the services of a crane in the United Arab Emirates – be it construction, loading, and unloading or dismantling of industrial facilities, then the Transportation Company can be called an excellent option.

The benefits of Transportation Rental Company include:

  • The Company has been operating in the market for equipment rental services for over 5 years
  • It has an extensive fleet of cranes – more than 30 units with a lifting capacity of 25 to 500 tons
  • Transportation cranes operate throughout the UAE.
  • The portfolio of completed works includes more than 100 examples of a very different nature – installing double-glazed windows in high-rise buildings, unloading commercial equipment, installing factories, installing advertising structures, and even such non-trivial tasks as lifting one crane by another.
  • Turning to the company “Transportation” you can be sure of completing the task in the shortest possible time and with maximum efficiency.

Do you know any other parameters in selecting the right size crane for a project? Please share it with us!

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