Rent a mini Bobcat machine loader in Dubai, UAE

Bobcat Equipment Rental in Dubai, UAE.

Mini loader rental is a highly demanded service in the United Arab Emirates. Transportation Company specializes in renting a wide range of bobcat skid steer loaders of various lifting capacities. If you need a quick and profitable mini-loader rental in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and throughout the UAE, you have come to the right address.

For skid steer or mini loaders of any brand, you can contact us directly by calling +971 55-141-2400 or through our contact forum.

We are ready to adapt to our customers: a wide range of bobcat attachments (buckets, brushes, a hydraulic hammer, pitchfork, tracks) is always available; a bobcat mini loader can be delivered on the day of order. Experienced operators and fueling are included in the price. Rented Bobcat skid steer loaders are required to undergo maintenance so that no surprises arise during the operation.

Bobcat has been successfully operating in the construction machinery market for more than half a century. Over this rather long period, it not only managed to become one of the largest manufacturers of a wide variety of industrial, agricultural and construction equipment, but also gained a very impressive authority and respect in its own field of activity from a huge number of clients from all over the world, especially in the UAE.

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From the very moment of its foundation, Bobcat has been betting on the highest quality of its products, and it has been doing very well because, over the entire period of its existence, Bobcat equipment and machine have become a kind of symbol of durability and reliability.

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Bobcat S130 mini loader

Bobcat S130 is a compact mini skid steer loader. This model replaces the discontinued model Bobcat 753. The presence of an on-board turn allows maneuvering in limited spaces on any surface without losing performance. The bobcat loader is equipped with a comfortable cab, dual-circuit cooling system and BICS locking control system. Skid steer loader Bobcat S130 is actively used in many areas: in public works, in construction, in agriculture and warehousing, as well as in industry.

Bobcat S175 skid steer loader

Bobcat S175 is a medium-sized mini bobcat loader with vertical boom lift (S130 and S150 have a radial lift). The bobcat loader is equipped with a comfortable cab, BICS locking control system, ROPS, and FOPS security systems. Thanks to the High Flow system, the choice of attachments is significantly increased compared to younger models. This mini loader combines high performance, maneuverability, and versatility. Thanks to its compact size and side turn, the S175 / H works reliably in tight spaces.

Mini Bobcat S300 loader

Bobcat S300 has replaced the popular Bobcat 963. Thanks to the increased wheelbase, it has improved stability and ride. The security system includes BICS, FOPS and ROPS systems. Allows you to use the car with large trucks. Bobcat S300 is used on construction sites and facilities where many opportunities are needed, but the use of bulky equipment is impossible. Bobcat S300 is capable of performing a wide variety of types of work: loading and unloading of various materials, drilling soil, laying trenches, cleaning the territory, replanting shrubs, in landscape and municipal works.

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Bobcat S650 telehandler

Bobcat S650 / H replaces the S250 / H, compared with which it has improved characteristics at smaller sizes. The mini bobcat loader is equipped with an unpretentious four-cylinder diesel engine V3307-DI-TE3 with liquid cooling. The High Flow hydraulic system delivers a hydraulic pump capacity of 115 l / min. The Bobcat S650 / H Skid Steer Loader is equipped with FOPS, ROPS and BISC security systems. In the event of a malfunction, the hydraulic system shuts off automatically.

Bobcat S770 loader

Bobcat S770 replaced the popular Bobcat S300 / H at the end of 2010. The mini bobcat loader is equipped with a reinforced hydraulic system and a new comfortable cab. The S770 incorporates all the best – durable construction materials, reinforced frame assemblies, and a powerful engine. The main qualities – general reliability, highest performance, and versatility. Like other Bobcat loaders, the S770 can use all attachments.

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