What is a Backhoe used for in the UAE?

When large excavations are needed on a piece of land, the ideal equipment to do so is a backhoe. It is a machine that is used to perform large excavations on land, move large amounts of land, prepare the place where the bases of large buildings are placed, ramp in the lots or open holes for the passage of channels, pipes, drainages, etc.

The backhoe is an industrial and mechanical machine that is used to make large excavations in all types of terrain. It has a bucket for excavation located at the end of an articulated arm in two different parts. Usually, this arm is placed on the back of a tractor and used in earthworks, to make buildings, pipes and drains.

It is a machine that has the purpose and use of making large excavations of earth in places where it is necessary to create a foundation, place pipes or drains. It is a bucket placed on the end of an arm of a tractor.

Backhoe loaders are used to perform earth excavation processes, different types of ditch openings for the placement of pipes and drains are used to make deep holes that will then be filled, for example, the foundations of houses and buildings.

They are formed by a kind of bucket (or shovel) attached to an arm with two joints. The arm in turn is incorporated into a tractor or a front loader. The operation and operation of the blades is hydraulic (mostly) or in some cases pneumatic.

They are widely used in general construction since they provide speed and quality. Such as, in demolitions of buildings, to break the asphalt of the streets and to achieve an adequate paving process in large and small cities. They are widely used in places where the use of some equipment is not useful. In addition, they are a precise source of reduction of expenses and time in the different works in which they are used.

Features of a backhoe

It consists of an assembly of three different pieces of mobile land equipment: a tractor, a loader and a backhoe.

  • It allows tools to move quickly and safely.
  • It can transport large quantities of material depending on the size of the container.
  • It is designed primarily to excavate land.
  • The container where the material is deposited is known as a ladle.
  • The backhoe itself has three parts: the bucket, the stick and the pen.
  • It is also known as the mechanical shovel.

Parts of a backhoe

To know better the operation of a backhoe, first we will have to identify each of its parts to then explain its operation correctly; the basic parts are the following, but depending on the brand and model we can find some extras:


It is the vehicle and the support of the backhoe. It is composed with a counterweight to balance the sudden movements generated by the work of digging.


Comparing to the superior member of the human being, it can be said that it is the arm of the backhoe. It is the part that is attached to the tractor.


It would be the forearm of the machine. One end is articulated to the pen, while the other to the shovel.


It is a lever located in the operator’s cabin; it serves to turn the bucket and therefore is the one that allows filling or emptying it.

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It is a kind of shovel or container where the material that has been excavated is placed. It has jagged bores to facilitate the dragging of the earth or any other compound.


It is the place where the operator of the machine is placed. It has panoramic windows and the controls are ergonomically located. Inside the cabin the noise caused by the machinery is very low due to its good soundproofing capacity.

How does a backhoe work?

The backhoe has a hydraulic system for its operation. The heart of this machinery is a powerful hydraulic pump and a main valve that distributes oil by pressure through the different parts that require it to move. In the cabin are the control controls that send fluid to the area that is selected for it to move. Depending on how much you want to move the part, less or more fluid is sent, achieving precision in the movements.

The backhoe has 2 types of control. For ‘forward’ all the operation of the tractor (steering wheel, pedals to move the machinery, transmission box, etc). Once the tractor is located in the workplace, then one takes another set of controls to handle the entire arm of the backhoe; a lever to raise / lower and move the arm laterally, and then another to perform the movements of the blade (to dig, lift and unload).

How to operate a backhoe?

To operate a backhoe you must use the different controls found on the control panel. There are several movements that can be done with a backhoe.

  • It is possible to move from one side to the other on the ground. They can use wheels for solid areas or the caterpillar for unstable areas.
  • There is also the possibility of rotating 360th on its own axis. Inside the cab there is a gear that joins another located in the box of the machine. The operator must pull a lever so that the upper gear rotates with respect to the one in the box, rotating both the cabin and the boom.
  • The boom can lower or raise thanks to two cylinders in charge of this work. When the lever is actuated, it is sent to press oil to the cylinder, the rod moves and the boom is raised.
  • A similar system is to control the movements of the bucket. This can rise or fall according to the displacement of the shank.
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One of the main functions that can be given to a backhoe is to raise earth / sand / gravel / brick dust and load it on a dump truck. One of the advantages of this machine over any other, is the size of the bucket and the versatility of the machine itself (for the length of the arm and the double command that makes the required turning radius smaller; Rear traction contributes, since the necessary turning radius is lower).

It’s funny because of the nature of heavy machinery, but did you know that there are a lot of people washing their shovels / buckets with pressure washers? They do it for aesthetic reasons nothing else; it does not bring any change.

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