Rent a backhoe loader in any city of the UAE

Rental Services of backhoe loaders in the UAE

For carrying out a complex of construction works in the UAE, it is necessary to apply several types of specialized equipment. Each unit of such machines is able to provide only a narrow scope of work.

Backhoe loaders will help to save on machines and perform the necessary tasks. This universal multifunctional unit is used at all stages of production. It is presented in the UAE market in various versions. Knowing its characteristics and capabilities, you can choose the necessary model for construction.

Where to rent a backhoe loader in Abu Dhabi?

At “Transportation Company” You can order the rental services of a backhoe-loader at any time; in order to get a quote for the rental cost of the work (per shift, or the price per hour), you just need to leave your request for the rental of special equipment.

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Rent of the excavator loader in any city of the UAE

At the moment, in the domestic rental market for special equipment, excavator-loaders from the manufacturer JCB are the most popular: JCB 3CX, JCB 4CX loader. The volume of the excavator-loader bucket can be different and is selected depending on the tasks that the customer sets for the equipment: 1 cubic meter, 1.2 cubic meters, 0.33 cubic meters, 0.28 cubic meters. Excavator loaders are indispensable when dismantling asphalt, digging trenches, digging and other processes.

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When renting an excavator loader, power plant power is important. The products of most foreign manufacturers are available in the range of 60 – 75 kW (80 – 100 hp). The reason is that it is this technique that is in great demand.

As a result, the backhoe loader can perform the following types of work:

  • Excavation, digging, opening trenches, digging pits, backfilling of excavations, dumping of shafts and earth mounds;
  • movement of soil and other bulk materials over short distances;
  • road construction and repair work: surface planning, milling layers of the old road surface;
  • loading;
  • works on landscaping and gardening; construction, dismantling of buildings and structures;
  • laying pipelines and engineering networks of water and electricity, and others.
  • on construction sites with a limited area;
  • dumping sites with narrow access roads;
  • repair and road works;
  • clearing and cleaning the territory;
  • repair of heating mains;
  • landscaping and landscape work in the surrounding areas, in the suburban area;
  • transportation of goods.

What are the types of construction backhoe loaders?

Using excavators as the main equipment, it is necessary to consider the type of work that is planned at this stage. The earthmoving machine is indispensable for crushing, digging and loading of compositions and soil. In addition, the use of modern attachments makes it possible to expand the use of the loader, reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the functional.

Excavator Loader Classifications

The excavator loader can have wheels of a different or identical size. In the latter case, to increase maneuverability, the design of the tractor may provide for the possibility of a “crab course”, in which the turning force is transmitted to all four wheels and the machine moves sideways.

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This is convenient in cases where you want to rent an excavator loader for use in cramped conditions. Using a telescopic boom increases the standard digging depth from 4.3 to 5.6 meters. On some models, the front loader bucket can tilt to the side, and the excavator is able to work with an offset digging axis. To improve the performance of the machine, the convenience and safety of control, all-wheel drive, Ride Control system, Powershift box, joysticks, and an ergonomic cabin are used.

Renting an excavator-loader for rent in Dubai is a very profitable event. Especially for those equipment rental companies that do earthmoving and loading operations periodically. In this case, it is not necessary to keep expensive equipment on the balance sheet, to take care of parking, technical inspection, repair, refueling, maintenance personnel, etc.

For those firms who need a car all the time, but buying it immediately is not profitable, leasing of a backhoe loader in Abu Dhabi and Dubai is more suitable. This type of contract is a lease for at least six months with the right of subsequent redemption at the residual value.

What are the advantages of using construction excavators?

The use of a single backhoe loader in construction work reduces several units of specialized equipment that are designed to perform one or two tasks. The universal construction machine has several modifications that must be considered when carrying out work of a certain type.

Due to its parameters, the JCB 4CX backhoe model gained wide popularity. Equipping this special equipment with technological control systems and innovative units has significantly increased the performance and service life of the machine, and the quality and reliability of the units and parts are attracting an increasing number of fans of this model.

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What are the characteristics of construction backhoe loaders?

An excavator loader is a hybrid that combines an excavator and a loader. In front of the frame of the machine is placed a suspension device with a bucket or other component. On some models, there is a back bucket that attaches to the rear frame. To speed up the tasks and facilitate operation, the excavator is equipped with a servo drive.

This self-propelled machine is capable of performing operations in two modes:

  • earthmoving, which includes digging pits and trenches, loosening, excavation;
  • loading tasks: unloading, loading, moving and precise dumping of materials, soil or garbage.

When loading the front bucket, the excavator attachment is not full turn and serves as a counterweight. In this case, you can replace the loading element with a great bucket, a grab, a pile laying machine or a pallet fork. Instead of an excavator bucket put a hydraulic hammer, hydro borer or grab.

When choosing a construction backhoe loader, you need to compare the main technical indicators of different models of equipment. Among them are:

  • power;
  • four-wheel drive;
  • hydraulic line;
  • crab course;
  • wheel size;
  • control system;
  • cabin ergonomics;
  • availability of Powershift box;
  • telescopic boom.

The range of modern construction backhoe loaders is very large. From the products in the UAE market, you can choose models of domestic and foreign manufacturers. The most popular is the JCB 4CX loader. The digger has different modifications.

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