Why Choose 400 Tons Crane for rent in the UAE?

Our company provides rental services within the city of Dubai and the Gulf region. We provide quality service at the best price. Due to the fact that the cost of renting a crane in the UAE, we have quite a moderate, today, any of our customers can perform work on lifting large loads in the shortest possible time and without spending on the purchase of expensive special equipment.

Lifting equipment may be required for one-time or temporary work. In such situations, its purchase is inexpedient, since it is easier and more profitable to order a rental crane in our company. You can make an order by phone: 043 984 732 or via online form.

If you need a highly professional crane with a large carrying capacity of up to 400, the crawler crane LR 1400/2 will be a universal solution to this problem.

The ability to rent a crawler crane of 400 tons today is available and profitably provided by the specialized company Transportation.ae, offering a full range of services for installation and construction works, first-class equipment that meets all standards for quality and safety.

Renting a 400 tons crane is the ability to quickly and accurately perform the planned amount of work without downtime. This model of a crawler crane is an improved novice, which takes into account all the features of convenient and reliable operation.


  • Allows you to adapt the crane to any conditions
  • Provides high performance and safety.
  • The crane has a simple control panel, is convenient and mobile, and is transported to the place of work without attracting additional specialized equipment.
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Why Choose 400 Tons Crane Rental in Dubai?

Renting a 400 tons crane is an opportunity to significantly increase labor productivity and complete tasks in the shortest possible time. This is a unique crane of a famous German manufacturer, which specializes in the manufacture of special equipment for various tasks, has high power and economical fuel consumption.

This crane has its own characteristics, which include:

  • Large capacity up to 400 tons.
  • Possibility of movement with the suspended load.
  • Universality derrick system, which is reconfigured depending on the tasks.

Crane’s Specification:

  • Max load capacity: 400 tons
  • Arrow length: 119 m.
  • Grooseneck length: 21 m.
  • Load moment: 5044 tm.
  • Central ballast: 43 t.
  • Crane Engine Power: 270 kW.
  • Maximum Driving Speed: 1.80 km/h.
  • Grid Extension from: 28.0 m.
  • Grid Extension upto: 91 m.

You may also hire 350 tons crane OR 250 tons crane in our company in UAE.

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