200 Ton Liebherr Crane Rental Contractor in Ajman, UAE

Here is why to rent the Liebherr 200 Ton Crane?

The Liebherr LTM 1200 crane can easily maneuver in a very small area and lift a weight of about 200 tons. This model has an arrow with an oval profile section, which is why it has good stability. Among the rest, specialized equipment of its kind has the longest boom – 72 meters, and the lattice extension is able to extend it to 94 meters.

We provide rental services of cranes and services of other special equipment in the UAE. Despite the fact that there’re a lot of more modern and powerful cranes on the market of cranes in UAE, the 200-ton Liebherr LTM 1200 continues to be a very popular crane. Given the low cost of the services provided, these cranes for a long time will be cost-effective and competitive. You can hire 200 ton crane now by calling this number: 055-141-2400

Boom crane consists of seven telescopic sections. The transport weight of the truck crane is 60 tons. The mechanical unit has a load limiter, which only enhances its reliability and safety. The crane can work even at extremely low temperatures – up to 42 degrees of frost!

A modern computer system controls all the parameters, including such petty but necessary factors as wind speed and pressure in the supports. The cabin of the crane operator has a modern design with a wide view and is equipped with protective safety glass. Not to mention the ceiling window, which is made of bulletproof glass. Thanks to the six-cylinder diesel engine with a 370 kW turbocharger, this model is able to withstand heavy loads. The rigid welded frame construction is made of high-grade fine-grained steel.

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The Liebherr LTM 1200 transfer case has been specially designed for use in the most demanding and challenging conditions. The speed of the truck crane is about 80 km / h, which helps to speed up work. Model LTM 1200 does not need specialized training and can immediately begin to perform its tasks.

The crane mechanisms can be controlled from the control cabin, in which a special electronic system like LICCON is installed. This testing system helps to quickly detect faults without the use of special measuring instruments. The search process takes only a few seconds, after which a fault code appears on the screen with a thorough description of the problem.

This model is perfect for installation and dismantling of concrete, asphalt plants, communication towers, loading and unloading heavy loads. Rental of special equipment is the most rational solution for enterprises that are engaged in individual construction. Many companies actively use such services because it is much cheaper than buying.

Liebherr [LTM 1200] Crane’s Specifications:

Maximum payload: 160 tons with boom out 3 meters
Telescopic boom length: from 13.2 to 62 meters
Extension of the main boom: from 5.4 to 43 meters
Chassis engine: six-cylinder diesel engine with turbocharger
Crane Engine Power: 370 kW
Crane installation engine: four-cylinder diesel engine
Crane installation Power: 145 kW
Travel speed: 80 km / h
Drive / Steering: 10 x 8 x 10
Transport weight: 60 tons
Total counterweight: 46.5 tons
Arrow length: 60 m.

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