Rent of 160 Tons Crane [LTM 1160] in UAQ, UAE

Characteristic and Features of the LTM 1160 Crane

The LTM 1160 crane declared itself as a very reliable and maneuverable vehicle of this type of special equipment. Liebherr products are leading the way. In comparison with the previously presented model LTM 1150, this truck crane has many advantages. Able to lift cargo weighing about 160 tons to 95 meters in height, and the total length of the boom is 62 meters (extends in 6 minutes, changes its position by 82 degrees in 6 seconds).

We always have a careful approach to our customer needs. Rent of the 160 tons truck crane in the UAE – is always the ideal option and the excellent decision. We perfectly check our cranes fleet for best performance, and our equipment rental prices are reasonable. Check out our Equipment Rentals for more!

This unit works with ease in various conditions: from smooth surfaces to impassable off-road. The chassis frame is made of high-grade structural steel. Due to its compactness it can easily maneuver in an area limited in size. The speed with which it can move is 80 km / h, this model can also be raised on slopes at an angle of up to 62%.

Turning radius is only 10.6 meters. Built-in 4 spotlights for more comfortable lighting area. Air disc brakes optimize crane stability when braking. This model of truck crane does not require much effort for installation and disassembly.

It would not be superfluous to mention a modern comfortable driver’s cabin with heat and sound insulating interior upholstery. Three wipers are set to automatically wash at a set interval. Liebherr LTM crane can be controlled both with the help of an electronic computer system and remotely – that is, without the participation of a crane operator in the cabin.

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The electronics system is able to take into account the smallest, but very significant factors affecting the efficiency and safety of work – the condition of the soil, wind speed. A large assortment of high-speed modes will help you to do the necessary work as soon as possible. This transport can work even at critically low temperatures – up to minus 40 degrees. High efficiency is perfectly combined with moderate fuel consumption.

This equipment is best suited for the construction of large-scale buildings in the UAE, roads, businesses, the movement of very bulky cargo. This is one of the best crane machine that you can choose to work at high altitude with heavy loads.

LTM 1160 Crane’s Specifications:

  • Maximum payload: 160 tons with boom out 3 meters
  • Telescopic Boom length: from 13.2 to 60 meters
  • Extension of the main Boom: from 5.4 to 43 meters
  • Chassis Engine: six-cylinder diesel engine with turbocharger
  • Crane Engine Power: 370 kW
  • Crane installation Engine: four-cylinder diesel engine
  • Crane installation Power: 145 kW
  • Travel Speed: 80 km / h
  • Drive / Steering: 10 x 8 x 10
  • Total counterweight: 46.5 tons
  • Arrow length: 60 m.
  • Main Boom Extension: 43 m.
  • Transport weight: 60 tons

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